Genius Pipes Preserve Flavor & Smoke Discreetly

by Kyle Gantzer

Genius Pipes

Talk about the future of smoking. The Genius Pipe has apparently solved all of the problems associated with smoking. Before you know it, it just might be THE next-generation handheld pipe for cannabis users everywhere.

Combining technology, physics, and cannabis, the Genius Pipe is one of the most original hand pipes available today and it certainly lives up to its name. They’ve created an ingenious way to enjoy the smoking experience that is also clean and healthy. Just imagine unmasking the complex flavors of your favorite strains as well as savoring the equally complex aromas created by all the terpenes.

Made using “dimple technology”, the Genius Pipe cools the smoke to an ideal temperature as it filters out the harmful resins and tars without using water.

This design means that you’re getting just the pure cannabis flavor in a clean, cool smoke without any of the contaminants, or accompanying cough. You can elevate your smoking experience and get the most out of your cannabis.

How Is The Genius Pipe Made?

The Genius Pipe is a multifunctional device with waterless filtration that is designed for flower and oil consumption. Sleek and scratch-resistant, it’s made of durable, high-grade, anodized aluminum that’s practically indestructible.

The Genius Pipe consists of three simple pieces. The two main pieces are held together at the corner with four magnets. These pieces come apart for convenient cleaning. The third piece is the metal slide on the front which reveals the mesh bowl. 

What Is Dimple Technology?

There is a grid of 2000 tiny bumps or dimples on the exterior, kind of like the texture of a golf ball, which captures all the pollutants before you inhale.

If you haven’t heard of dimple technology, it’s used in a variety of applications from cars to jets to nuclear power plants to military weaponry – you get the idea. But using patented dimple technology in a handheld pipe is taking it to another level.

When you pull the smoke across the grid of tiny dimples, the dimples create thousands of mini vortexes of smoke and air with every draw. The vortexes transfer the heat from the smoke into the walls of the pipe. They also filter out resins, tars, and oils that stick to the edges of the dimples.

In other words, the Genius Pipe has the same filtration, diffusion, and aeration as a water bong without the water! By eliminating the direct path of air, the hits are softer and create a unique experience that makes smoking from a waterless pipe more enjoyable than you ever thought could be possible.

Since it’s a little different from a typical pipe, you might need some guidance the first time you set up your Genius Pipe and get ready for your first smoking sesh.

How to Use The Genius Pipe

  1. Start by snapping the top and bottom pieces together. When the magnets attach to each other, you’ll hear a clicking sound, and the pipe will automatically close and lock.
  2. Slip the two magnetic slides apart by opening the slider cover. Put the screen in the bowl, pushing it to the bottom firmly. Fill the bowl with cannabis flower. Or if you’re smoking cannabis concentrate, insert the G-Stone and apply the oil onto the ceramic stone.
  3. Inhale after lighting the cannabis and slide the aluminum cover over the bowl to extinguish the flame. This will contain your cannabis and keep your pipe odor-free.
  4. The airflow can be controlled with the slider as it covers or uncovers the bowl. This is very convenient if you want to smoke the remainder of bowl later.
  5. To clean, pull the top and bottom pieces apart until the magnets detach. Once the top of the pipe is off, you can push out the screen.

The Genius Pipe bowl should deliver around 10 hits. You are forewarned: Don’t pull too hard, or you might get one of the biggest hits of your life!

The Genius Pipe Final Analysis

If you’d like to maximize the pros of the smoking experience with pure cannabis flavor and minimize the cons of smoking like coughing and tar, then the cool filtered smoke of the Genius Pipe was made for you. Sized to fit in your pocket, purse, or bag, it’s discreet enough for any setting if you like to toke on the go. Here’s the final analysis of why the Genius pipe is worth it:

  • Smokes cleaner & smoother - The Genius Pipe cools down every single hit so it’s not harsh on your lungs and throat. You won’t get that uncomfortable burning sensation you can get from a glass smoking pipe. It has the softness of a bubbler or water bong. You also won’t get that burnt taste sometimes associated with other hand pipes. And the flavor of the hit is better in comparison to a vaporizer.
  • Portable & durable – The Genius Pipe is extremely durable since it’s made of anodized aluminum. The magnetic cover will keep a packed bowl in place as well as any odors locked inside the airtight pipe. And of course, the sleek design and small size fit perfectly in your pocket, purse, or backpack.
  • Multi-functional - It’s unusual to find a hand pipe that also works as a vaporizer and dab rig. You can smoke concentrates at low or high temperatures with the same pipe and bowl with the Genius Pipe G-Stone accessory.
  • Easy to clean- Don’t worry about cleaning the Genius Pipe. The pieces easily come apart, making it a breeze to clean the air path and the bowl. Also, the durable glass is unlikely to crack accidentally. And, any resin clogs or stuck ash won’t be a problem because the Genius Pipe can be quickly taken apart, cleaned, and snapped back together.
  • Easy to replace parts - Replacement parts for the Genius Pipe are inexpensive, easy to find, and simple to snap into place. Everything from the slider to the screen can be replaced if needed.

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