Fresh Flowers (and Bongs) for Spring

 Fresh Flowers (and Bongs) for Spring

Hey, the flowers are in bloom all over So Cal now. After one of the coldest, rainiest winters in years, we’re starting to feel the changing of the season (even in a place that’s always super nice). 

So, what’s the perfect way to ring in spring? You can get outside and take a nature walk with friends or you can buy your own flowers at the farmer’s market (don’t forget to share your pics on Insta) or, without leaving the comfort of your own home, you can check out at our new seasonal spring product lineup – it’s all about flowers!

Hemper Flower Vase Bong/Bubbler

If spring is nature’s way of saying “let’s party”, then the Flower Vase Bong/Bubbler is Hemper’s answer. This flower design bong is a high-end setup offering size and performance in a traditional bong style. Available in white, smoke, and pink.

Pieces stand 7-10" tall with 3.5-4.5" diameter bases. Featuring scalloped glass for a lifelike flower vase aesthetic, a flower-shaped bowl, flower stem-shaped downstem, ball percolator, and ice pinches. These flower bongs/bubblers include a 14mm Male Joint Flower Rose Bowl. 

Classic Moonlight Rose Beaker Single Stack

Everything’s coming up roses with the Classic “Moonlight Rose” Beaker Single Stack by Prism. Measuring 17.8” tall and 5mm thick, it's a beautiful piece to add to your smoking collection. 

Like all of Prism’s custom modular line of bongs, this classic beaker bong is easy to break down to easily clean, switch out components, replace parts, or bring it along with you wherever you go.

This setup includes the White Tall Mouthpiece, Blue Clamp, Moonlight Rose Beaker Base, 18mm Blueberry Downstem, White 14mm Bowl, and 14mm Female Joint.

Halo Moonlight Rose Big Honeycomb Double Stack

Flowers can’t solve all of our problems, but it’s a great start. The Halo “Moonlight Rose” Big Honeycomb Double Stack by Prism is a large luxury rig from its custom bong rose-themed line, that stands 21.5” tall and 5mm thick. 

Not only does this bong have two honeycomb percolators and a fixed downstem below the honeycomb, but it also has a Big Tree Percolator stacked on top, so you get extra filtration for huge, smooth hits. 

This setup includes the White Standard Mouthpiece, two Gold Halo Connectors, Moonlight Rose Big Tree Percolator, Moonlight Rose Big Honeycomb Base, Clear 18mm Bowl, and 18mm Female Joint. 

My Bud Vase - Rose Signature Bongs

It’s a good day to stop and smell the roses with Rose Signature Bongs by My Bud Vase, designed for feminine connoisseurs who prefer a more sophisticated smoking experience. 

The Rose Signature Bongs by My Bud Vase are curvy little bongs, measuring 10.25" tall and 5.25" wide, disguised as vases similar to vintage porcelain. Available in pink or ivory.

These pieces include a 9mm 3.5" Cone Bubble Bowl, Fixed Downstem, Matching Rose Flower Poker, and My Bud Vase tag & Certificate of Authenticity.

Kandu NYC All Natural Rose Petal Pre-Rolled Cones (30-Count Jar)

Kandu NYC All Natural Rose Petal Pre-Rolled Cones are made for smokers who want a smooth pull, even and slow burn, and clean flavor. Kandu NYC cones deliver smoke that is full-bodied, never harsh or overpowering. 

Kandu NYC 109mm King-Size Cones have a 1gm capacity and are made with paper derived from roses sourced sustainably. No tobacco, artificial flavors or colors, or additives of any kind.

Because Kandu NYC cones are moisture sensitive, avoid storing them in a cold dry environment. Before use, gently steam the cones to make them more pliable.

ENDO Rose Heights Premium Pink 1 1/4 Size Cones (90-Count Jar)

They say every rose has its thorns, but not with the new Rose Heights Premium Pink Pre-Rolled Cones by ENDO. The 1-1/4 size ultra-thin pre-rolled cone shape promotes smooth, even burning, and longer-lasting smoke, so you can savor your smoke from the first puff down to the last.

Each pre-rolled cone is perfectly shaped, so you won’t waste your time rolling anymore. Because these pre-rolled cones are a tightly woven natural material, the filtering prevents ash from getting through, which keeps each draw cool and clean down to the last one.

These pre-rolled cones are a must-have if you want to prevent waste. Rolling your own is a tricky process, and you can end up with wasted material. Rose Heights Pink Cones are the perfect way to avoid badly rolled DIY cones, save your material, and keep your space clean at the same time!

Beautiful Burns Pre-Rolled Designer Cones (Pack of 8)

The world is a rose; smell it and pass it to your friends. The Beautiful Burns Pre-Rolled Designer Cones are ultra-thin rolling paper cones, perfect to share with friends or on social media. These pre-rolled designer cones truly are beautiful and available in Citron Sorbet, Unicorn Dreams, Power Pink, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Over the Rainbow. 

These 98mm pre-rolled cones are made of eco-friendly natural palm pulp derived from the palm tree fruit husk. Coloring is made from edible, flavorless plant-based oils with natural pigments that have passed the California Category 3 testing requirements for commercial pre-roll production.

Cones are neatly packaged with 4 cones nested inside the other 4 cones to minimize packaging waste. Even though from the outside of the package it might look like there are only 4 long cones, there is a total of 8 cones.


So friends, get in the springtime spirit with something new. Visit us at Headshop, the best online headshop and smokeshop, where you’ll find bongs, water pipes, dab rigs, smoking accessories, vaporizers, wellness supplements, and much more.

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