Chill With The Newest Stainless-Steel Bongs By Chill Steel Pipes

by Chris Husong

 Chill with The Newest Stainless-Steel Bongs by Chill Steel Pipes

We’ve carried Chill Steel Pipes for a while now, but we’ve recently expanded their product lineup to include even more of their modular bongs, bases, and neckpieces in Instagram-worthy color combos, along with accessories.

Introducing Chill Steel Pipes. What sets them apart from the rest? Their modular bongs are made of food-grade stainless steel that is double-wall vacuum-insulated. The bong's interior has a ceramic coating for easy cleaning and the smoothest hits. 

Chill Steel Pipes include a durable borosilicate glass bowl and aluminum downstem. The downstem is compatible with any 14mm bowl, ash catcher, or 45° banger. In addition, all the gaskets are made of food-grade silicone.

Right now, we have the full line up of Chill Steel Pipes, including Classic Stainless Steel, Limited Edition Series, and Mix & Match Design Series, so you can switch up the look of your Chill Steel Pipe with different neckpieces and bases. We also offer different color downstems and an ash catcher. 

Chill With The Newest Stainless-Steel Bongs By Chill Steel Pipes


  • Enjoy ice cold hits all day with a double wall vacuum insulated build that resists heat penetration, keeping ice solid and preventing heat from penetrating, and water icy cold for up to 24 hours!
  • Chill's two-piece modular design and threaded connection make it easy to clean and add ice. If you want to switch up the look, you can select from a wide range of beautifully designed bases and neckpieces.
  • Stainless steel was designed to handle all the bumps and tip-overs. The ceramic-coated interior delivers the smoothest, glass-like hits and easily cleans with only isopropyl alcohol.

Chill with The Newest Stainless-Steel Bongs by Chill Steel Pipes

Wondering why everyone is talking about the Chill Steel Pipe? Keep reading for 5 great reasons:

1. Practically Indestructible 

The Chill Steel Bong features a premium-quality build. No expense was spared in manufacturing, with its stainless-steel exterior, ceramic-coated interior, borosilicate glass bowl, and aluminum downstem.

The quality of this build means that the smoke is as smooth as a glass piece, but the fact that it’s practically indestructible makes it ideal for taking it with you wherever you go. Just toss it in your bag or backpack and you’re ready to go. 

2. Icy Cold Hits for Hours

The proprietary double-wall insulation will keep your water ice cold for up to 24 hours! Drop some ice cubes into the body and enjoy the coolest, smoothest smoke all night. This bong keeps ice cubes icy for hours, and you know what that means: you can take the biggest, longest hits than ever before (without the cough).

3. Easy to Clean

Who doesn’t love an intricately crafted glass bong? However, if you’ve ever owned one, you know that it can be a challenge to keep it clean. The fact that the Chill Steel Bong easily breaks down for cleaning is one of its best features.

The body and neckpiece are separate pieces that easily attach and detach from each other. Simply remove the bowl and stem, unscrew the two pieces and you’ll have four more manageable pieces to clean when necessary.

4. Fully Customizable

You can purchase different, beautifully designed mix & match bases and neckpieces for your smoking pleasure. Express your personality and completely customize your Chill Stainless Steel Pipe. In addition, you can also purchase accessories that will enhance your smoking experience even further.

Chill now offers a Glass Ash Catcher (see below). Made specifically for the Chill Steel Pipe, it is compatible with any 14mm downstem. Not only will it keep your bong water cleaner longer, but it also filters your hits through a honeycomb percolator.

5. Manufacturer’s 1 Year Warranty

Chill offers a 1 year warranty that all their products are free of any manufacturing defects. Seriously, when have you ever bought a bong with 1 year warranty?

Now, let’s spotlight some products!

Chill - Original Stainless Steel

Chill with The Newest Stainless-Steel Bongs by Chill Steel Pipes

Take your smoking experience to the next level with the classic Stainless Steel Bong from Chill. This modern stainless-steel water pipe is not only shatterproof but, through its proprietary design, keeps your ice solid for hours for the smoothest icy cold hits. The complete setup comes with the Stainless Steel Base, 8.5" Stainless Steel Neckpiece, aluminum downstem, and borosilicate glass slide.

Chill - Limited Edition - Rainbow Glitterbomb

Yes, it’s easy to see why the Limited Edition Rainbow Glitterbomb Chill Steel Pipe is Insta famous. You can chill with your rainbow bong and photobomb your socials! The complete Glitterbomb setup includes the Rainbow Glitterbomb Base, 8.5" Rainbow Glitterbomb Neckpiece, aluminum downstem, and borosilicate glass slide.

Chill - Limited Edition - Copper Mirror

If rose gold metallics are your thing, then the Limited Edition Chill Steel Pipe in Copper Mirror will get your glow on. The complete Copper Mirror setup includes the Copper Mirror Base, 8.5" Copper Mirror Neckpiece, aluminum downstem, and borosilicate glass slide.

Chill - Limited Edition - Honeycomb

The Limited Edition Honeycomb finish Chill Steel Pipe is sweet as honey. It matches nicely with the Matte Black or Gold Mirror neckpiece or base. The complete Honeycomb package comes with the Honeycomb Base, 8.5" Honeycomb Neckpiece, aluminum downstem, and borosilicate glass slide.

*Of note, the exterior bong design is an air-transfer graphic so the pattern may vary in places. 

Chill - Mix & Match Series - Gloss Blue

The classic genderless vibes and vivid color of the Gloss Blue Chill Steel Pipe match with the Classic Tie Dye, Cosmos, Floral Coloring Book, and Blue Marble neckpieces. Both the Gloss Blue Base and the Neckpiece are included in this setup. The complete Gloss Blue package features the Gloss Blue Base, 8.5" Gloss Blue Neckpiece, aluminum downstem, and borosilicate glass slide.

In addition to the above, Chill Limited Edition Steel Pipes are available in other amazing colors, including Gold Mirror, Magenta Mirror, Rainbow Mirror, Pink Glitterbomb, Candy Glitterbomb, Black Armored, Green Armored, Neon Pink, and Neon Purple.

Chill - Mix & Match Series - Leopard Neckpiece

This exclusive Leopard Neckpiece is to die for (not really, but it’s one of many gorgeous new designs that are just made for sharing with friends). You get the neckpiece only, although it also comes with the proper gaskets. Compatible with any Chill base, this neckpiece matches perfectly with the Matte Black Chill or the White Chill base. 

Chill - Mix & Match Series - Embossed Celestial Matte Black Neckpiece

If you’re more into an “aesthetic look and feel”, then the Embossed Celestial Matte Black Neckpiece might just be written in the stars for you. This neckpiece is best matched with either the Matte Black Chill or the White Chill base, however, it is designed to fit any base. You get the neckpiece only and also comes with the proper gaskets. 

In addition to the above, the Chill Mix & Match neckpieces are available in other gorgeous designs, including Cosmos, Sparks, Floral Coloring Book, Snake Skin, Cherry Wood, Classic Tie Dye, Soft Tie Dye, Embossed Celestial Matte Pink, Black Smoke, Black Marble, White Terrazzo, White Marble, Blue Marble, and Blue Floral.

Chill - Mix & Match Series - Gloss White Base

The clean Gloss White Base matches beautifully with the Blue Foral, White Terrazzo, Black Smoke, and Cherry Wood neckpieces – okay, honestly, this white base goes with all the neckpieces! Switch it up depending on your mood. Neon might even change your mood. You get the Gloss White Base, aluminum downstem, and borosilicate glass slide.

In addition to Gloss White, Chill Mix & Match bases are available in Gloss Black and Gloss Blue.

New Chill Steel Pipe Accessories

Chill - Aqua Blue Break Resistant Downstem

The Aqua Blue Break Resistant Downstem adds a cool personal touch to your Chill Steel Pipe, or you can use it with your favorite compatible piece. Designed for 14mm bowls, this downstem is made of aircraft-grade aluminum in a modular threaded design that is adjustable from 3" to 5" in length. 

Chill - Extra Large Ice Cube Tray Set

Want your bong water icy cold for up to 124 hours? Normal ice cubes will keep the Chill cold for up to 12 hours. These ice cube trays were designed to keep it cold for up to 24 hours! Like whisky stones, this 2-piece set of Chill Ice Cube Trays outlasts regular ice cubes. The diameter of the ice fits perfectly into the Chill base opening. This humble accessory is surprisingly convenient and makes a great gift!

Chill - Glass Ash Catcher

Take smoother hits and keep your bong cleaner longer with the Chill Ash Catcher. This is a premium glass accessory designed to enhance the filtration of your hits through a honeycomb percolator. Designed for the Chill Steel Pipe, it is compatible with any 14mm downstem with a 45° angle. 


How to Assemble Your Chill Steel Pipe

Simply attach the neckpiece to the base and insert the downstem through the front of the base. 

How to Clean Your Chill Steel Pipe

Cleaning your Chill Steel Pipe is easy although it is a little different than cleaning a glass pipe.  We recommend the shake and soak method using isopropyl alcohol without salt. 

To remove any lingering odor or taste, fill the base with warm water and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Allow that mixture to soak in the pipe for about 40 minutes before rinsing


Chill has created one of the best modular bongs available on the market today. It’s not only a pleasure to use, but it’s also safe to transport, easy to clean, and very practical. All in all, this unique bong will literally last you a lifetime of enjoyable smoking sessions. Shop all the coolest Chill Steel Pipes at Headshop online today!

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