Best Weed One Hitters: 4 Products To Up Your Smoke Sesh

Best Weed One Hitters: 4 Products To Up Your Smoke Sesh

One hitter pipes are all about discretion, convenience and ease of use. 

A one hitter is easy to pop in your pocket or bag, and holds just enough weed to give you a nice mellow buzz.

The small pipe comes in a huge variety of colors, designs, and materials, with all made to deliver a few hits of cannabis via a single small bowl and a straight tube.

Not only convenient for getting your smoke on when the opportunity arises, one hitters are usually made to be replaceable (or in some cases even disposable), making them a cheap smoking device. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about losing or breaking it, which can happen quite easily if you’re a little bit high.

Take a look at some of the best one hitters around, as well as all the benefits of using one.

PILOTDIARY Wood Dugout W/ Glass One Hitter 


  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Discreet and durable
  • Stylish magnet design
  • Portable and practical

If you’re looking for a stylish but discrete one hitter, the Wood Dugout by PILOTDIARY might just be the pipe for you. The beautiful device is handcrafted from quality black walnut measuring just 2.4 by 3.5 inches for discreet storage of your weed for a quick smoke anywhere.

The glass pipe is durable and features a simple design, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. There may be cheaper options out there, but the top-class design means you’ll have a dependable one hitter that will last for years.

Xhaal Glass One Hitter


  • Slim and portable
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Color-blocked design
  • Variety of colors

Aesthetics meet functionality with the Glass One Hitter from Xhaal, which comes in three opaque and frosted glass colorways. The sleek color-blocked design is made from lab-quality borosilicate glass, which doesn’t conduct heat, which makes for a cooler, and smoother smoke.

Bigger than a standard single-smoke pipe, the 0.6-inch bowl can snugly hold a surprising amount of weed, for a few satisfying hits before it needs to be reloaded. At 2.5 inches long and a slim .35 inches in length, it’s easy to slip in and out of your pocket for discretion.

Illuminate Walnut Dugout with Anodized Spring One Hitter


  • Quality mahogany wood
  • Mechanism for ejecting ash easily
  • Durable anodized finish
  • Multiple color options

Emptying your one-hotter has never been easier than with the Anodized Spring One Hitter from Illuminate. Pack the bowl with ease using weed stored in the sharp 4-inch tall walnut dugout, press the spring down gently for a satisfying mid-smoke stir, and to get the best flavor. Then, press the spring mouthpiece fully when the weed is tapped to eject the ash with ease.

The anodized finish protects the 3-inch pipe from wearing down and corroding quickly, as well as providing heat resistance, ideal in a small pipe. The one hitter is available in multiple metallic colorways, from discreet black and silver to standout yellow and purple.

Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Steamroller


  • Natural black walnut mouthpiece
  • Sleek design
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Wood stand

Made from sustainable sourced black walnut and hand-blown borosilicate glass, this steamroller pipe from Marley Natural is the perfect balance of a refined aesthetic and durability. The distinctive straight pipe allows more smoke to collect for a more intense hit.

Hits can be cleared with minimal effort and the streamlined cylindrical design allows for easy packing and cleaning, for smoking anytime the opportunity arises.

The steamroller comes with a curved wooden stand for convenient and proper display, as well as preventing your precious one hitter from rolling off a surface.

What is a one hitter Pipe?

A one hitter is essentially what it sounds like - a pipe that holds about a single hit of weed, that is portable and simple to use. They come in a variety of materials - usually glass or metal - and are typically three to four inches long. 

They are shaped like a straight tube with an indentation marking the bowl at one end and a long mouthpiece at the other. Some one hitters might have a flat edge or glass balls on the outside to stop them from rolling off tables.

While one hitters started as simple bamboo tubes back during the Vietnam War, they now come in a huge variety of styles, from beautifully blown glass to disposable paper styles. There are two main types of one hitters:

  • Dugout: Device that has two chambers - one for storing the one hitter pipe and another for a small amount of pre-ground cannabis. The pipe is pulled out and twisted into the cannabis chamber, easily packing it with just the right amount of herb.
  • Chillum: Traditionally chillums are smoked vertically by cupping your hand over the end and placing the piece between your middle and ring finger, and smoke is inhaled through the opening created by your index finger. They lack a carb (a hole that controls airflow), which means it will burn as long as the flame can sustain itself.

Material options for one hitters

Like other pipes for smoking weed, one hitters are found in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. While they are usually made from glass or metal, you might also find one hitters made from more unusual materials such as bone or stone. The most common materials for one hitters are:


Glass is one of the best materials for one hitter pipes as they don’t interact with what you’re smoking, keeping the flavor of your weed pure. However, if you overheat your glass pipe or drop it, that’s your smoking sesh over. Therefore, look for a pipe made from borosilicate glass which is more resistant to thermal shock than regular glass and is more durable.


Metal one hitters are typically more durable than other types on one hitter, without diminishing the flavor of your weed. There is also more design variation in metal one hitters, which allows for greater discretion with versions that look like cigarettes or that fit inside other items.


While durable and stylish, wood one hitters tend to be harder to clean and don’t provide as crisp a flavor as metal or glass devices.

How to use a one hitter

Smoking a one hitter pipe is just like smoking a regular pipe, except you should angle it up so the cannabis doesn’t fall out of the bowl. One hitters are typically used with ground-up cannabis, so they’re easy to pack and the weed doesn’t fall out when smoking.

To smoke a one hitter, pack the bowl fairly tight, angle it up, and put a flame to it, inhaling as you would a regular pipe. As one hitter pipes are short and small, you’ll need to be careful not to burn your fingers or get the lighter too close to your lips.

Benefits of a one hitter pipe

There is no denying that a one hitter pipe has so many benefits, whether you’re a regular smoker, or just enjoy a puff now and then.

Control Over Dosage

One of the major benefits of smoking with a one hitter is the control you have over your dosage. A one hitter only holds a small amount of weed, which can be hit one to three times before being cached, so you can judge your high before loading the pipe again.


One hitters are great for conserving your precious stash. When smoking out of a traditional pipe or bong, it’s easy to pack the whole bowl and leave half-burnt material after you’re done smoking. That’s valuable hits going to waste.

With a one hitter, you only use a little bit of weed at a time, making each sweet hit a mindful action, meaning you’re less likely to over-pack your pipe or over-smoke. Plus, unlike joints that burn constantly until it’s done, a one-hotter will go out after a hit or two.


As they are small in size — not much larger than a cigarette — they are one of the most discreet ways to get your smoke on. They can be easily stored out of sight, ideal for low-key smoke sessions.

After you use one hitters, they can smell quite strongly of cannabis, so if you’re not using a dugout, it’s best to keep your pipe in a sleeve. This will hide the smell and protect your pipe from damage.

Better Taste

The hits from a one hitter are way more flavorful than the smoke from a larger pipe or hand pipe. That’s because the shorter pipe has less glass for the resin to build up, which is what changes the taste of your smoke.

When you smoke out of a repeatedly used pipe the residue that builds up in the pipe and bowl releases harsh flavors and smells that take away from a clean green hit.


One hitters are cheap to buy, with you being able to pick up a decent pipe for around $10. This means you don’t feel bummed out if it breaks or you misplace your pipe. Plus, since they’re so affordable, they make a great back-up pipe to stick in your bag for when the opportunity to smoke arises and you don’t have your usual equipment.

Easy to clean

Compared to a bong or bubbler pipe, on-hitters are so easy to clean. The small bowl of a one hitter is cleaned after each smoke session, which simply involves dropping it into some isopropyl alcohol to soak for a few hours. Then rinse with warm soapy water, get rid of any remaining residue with a cotton swab, and you’re ready to get your smoke on again.

Are there any negatives?

While a one-hitter is a super convenient and discreet way to get your smoke on wherever and whenever you want, there are a few minor downsides to a one hitter:

  • The small bowl size means that you have to repack the bowl after just a few hits, so if you have a high weed tolerance, a one hitter may not get you very high.
  • Unless you have a more expensive dugout version, they can be hard to pack, and if your weed is not ground right you can inhale bud and ash.
  • Novice weed users may find the smoke harsher than with regular pipes and bongs and they are likely to clog up with resin faster — but this shouldn’t be an issue if you clean your one hitter after each sesh.
  • While a great option for personal sessions, one hitters are not ideal for group smoke sessions as you’ll constantly have to repack your device.

The bottom line

If you want to smoke on the go discreetly, you can’t go wrong with a one hitter. The devices are easily concealed in your pocket or bag and can be loaded up in seconds when the opportunity arises to have a quick smoke.

There are hundreds of design variations on the one hitter and they come in a variety of materials, including glass, wood, and metal. You can buy a sleeve that will protect your pipe against damage, or choose a dugout design that features storage chambers for both your one hitter and weed stash.

While they only hold a small amount of weed, as the pipes are so short you get a direct hit of smoke for a clean hit with maximum flavor. Plus, with a one hitter you can conserve the amount of weed you smoke, as well as allow you to keep better control over your high. 


Should you grind your weed for a one hitter?

If you grind your weed too fine, this will result in you inhaling a mouth full of ash through your one hitter pipe. If you don’t grind the weed enough, it will block the airflow of your pip and you won’t be able to inhale any smoke at all.

Try a few different grind consistencies in your one hitter pipe to find the perfect consistency, so you can load up the bowl in future with no issue. 

If your bud is very dry, you probably don’t want to grind it up too much because it will turn to ash before you get a good hit. If your bud is large and moist, grind it a bit more so the pieces don’t block the airflow.

Are one hitters more efficient?

One hitters are incredibly efficient as they are specifically designed for single hits. This means you use less material and don’t have to worry about extra burning or having leftover weed once you’ve finished. 

While you may have to pack the bowl of your one hitter more often, your overall consumption and waste will be drastically reduced so you can get the most out of your stash.

Can a one hitter get you high?

Yes, a one hitter can get you high. While using a one hitter is not as intense as smoking from a bong — or smoking a whole bowl — smoking any amount of weed can get you high, depending on the quality. 

Do one hitters have a filter?

While not all one hitters have a filter, there are some that do, which may be preferable for some smokers as it prevents you from inhaling ash, which can really affect the smooth flavor of your cannabis.

How do you use a one hitter dugout?

To pack a one hitter, insert it bowl down into the dugout chamber of your pre-ground weed. Press and twist simultaneously to fill the bowl so that it’s completely filled with the dry herb so you can guarantee at least one full draw from your pipe.

Do one hitter pipes smell?

One hitters tend to produce far less of that distinctive cannabis smell that other methods of smoking weed do, like bowls or bongs. This is because the majority of the smoke is inhaled straight into your lungs as opposed to the air around you. This makes a one hitter one of the most discreet ways to get your smoke on. 

The one hitter pipe itself may smell of cannabis, but you can solve this problem easily with a pipe sleeve, which is cheap to buy and also protects your pipe from damage.

Can you smoke hash in a one hitter?

Smoking hash out of a one hitter is not a great idea as the smoke will be seriously harsh smoke that will be seriously unpleasant. Stick to smoking your hash out of a nicely filtered bong to get a smooth hit and nice mellow.

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