Best Torches for Dabbing

by Chris Husong

Best Torches For DabbingWhether you dab regularly or not, you’ll probably be needing a good torch. Here, we’ll take you through 5 of the best torches for dabbing. We’ll also answer some common questions related to getting a torch for your dab sessions, so you can see what to look for.

Can I Just Use a Lighter to Dab?

You can, but your lighter can’t reach the minimum temperature of 350 degrees F. So if you use your lighter to dab, your smoking session will be less effective, less enjoyable, and less safe.

With a torch, you can control the temperature of your nail which means you’ll get more out of your concentrates with less waste and more taste of the terpenes. You can also buy an e-nail that offers a pre-set temperature.

What to Look for in the Best Torches

For dabbers, the best torches will definitely enhance the dabbing experience. Everyone is looking for something different, so selecting the right torch comes down to personal preference. However, there are a few important features to look out for when choosing a dabbing torch.


While dabbing is a clean method of consumption, there are risks with using butane torches. You can reduce the risks by making sure that the plug and nozzle fit tightly. This will help prevent gas leakage. And obviously, any flammable materials must be removed from the area where you are using the torch.

Some dab torches now have an automatic locking feature. Also, because a new torch could contain oxygen, we suggest purging your torch before dabbing. When using the torch for the first time, don’t fill up the chamber. If it isn’t purged, it might not allow the butane to flame up as it should or it might even extinguish the flame.


As noted above, with proper temperature control, you can decide the type of taste and aroma you get. You can get more flavor from concentrates with a low-temperature dab, as well as longer and smoother hits. However, the vapor won’t be dense or thick. The effects are milder and a little concentrate might be left behind.

You’ll get satisfying vapor clouds with a high-temperature dab and will use up almost all of the concentrate. However, the intensity of the flavor is decreased. The process is manual unless you have a self-heating nail. So, focus on the things under your control, like how long to heat the nail and how long to cool it. A timer can also help you find the right temperature for your needs.

It’s generally best to select a torch that heats the nail quickly. On the other hand, some prefer the ‘low and slow' approach. The nail only needs to reach a temperature between 350 and 450 degrees for a flavorful, smooth pull. It’s easier on the lungs as well. If you prefer huge clouds of vapor, look for a torch that can quickly heat the nail to 700 degrees or higher. Keep in mind, this means that some of your concentrates will get left behind.


Typically, torches use butane or propane. Some believe that butane is the best option because it doesn’t affect the taste or aroma. And, propane torches can burn too hot, making them more hazardous. Titanium dioxide is produced with propane when the nail burns. Inhaling it at high temps can irritate your nose and throat, plus it’s a possible carcinogen.


A 3- to 4-inch torch is the right size for most users. You can conveniently carry a torch this size on the go. If you have a big rig, you might need a 6-inch torch. Of course, a larger torch has a larger capacity, so you’ll be refilling it less often.

Flame Jets

A small torch with one flame jet usually works well for a titanium nail. A 2mm quartz banger is thin enough to work well with a single jet. The nail will heat quickly and evenly. This is ideal for the low and slow approach.

A 4mm quartz banger needs a flame jet of about ¼ inch in diameter and 2 inches in length. You’ll need a larger dab torch with a stand to get the most out of a 4mm banger.

And a 6mm quartz banger needs more than one flame jet.

The 5 Best Torches For Dabbing

1.  Blazer Big Buddy Turbo Torch

The Blazer Big Buddy Turbo Torch is one of the best butane torches for dabbing available today. There are few torches with a larger nozzle or butane capacity on the market. It offers an incredible 2500-degree flame with 60 minutes of continuous burn time. It’s an all-in-one torch that is portable and easy to use. You can tailor your dabbing sessions with the flame height adjuster. Adjust the temperature easily by sliding the button. You can switch between higher and lower temps for more flavor.

When you use the rapid-fire igniter button, the Blazer Big Buddy Turbo Torch will ignite automatically. When you’re finished with your session, the child-proof safety lock should be set to prevent the torch from accidentally igniting it, even if you drop it. Then, put the torch on its detachable stand.

2. PILOT DIARY Torch for Dabs

The PILOT DIARY Torch for Dabs is a butane torch with Piezo Ignition Technology for one-hand operation at any angle, even upside down. Just press the ignite button to open the flame. Control the flame with the adjustable temperature regulator. Keep your hand away from the flame with the burn-free finger guard.

This butane torch has two adjustable tips for long and short nozzle gas tanks, and a safety lock to prevent accidental ignition. The device comes with a wide set base to prevent it from falling over. The portable PILOT DIARY Torch for Dabs is a mini torch that you can easily carry with you for all your outdoor activities. 

3. Special Blue Diablo Flame Torch

The Special Blue Diablo Flame Torch is an outstanding option if you need an affordable and reliable dabbing torch. Similar to other top-rated butane torches, the Diablo has automatic ignition for a quick fire-up time. This torch can even be used to fire up the BBQ!  

Along with the adjustable flame, the Special Blue Diablo Flame Torch has a 90-degree adjustable head that works from any angle. It’s relatively large at 7 inches high and 2-¼ inches wide. But, it’s lightweight and cordless, making it easily portable. It also comes with a 4-¼ inch wide base.

4. Blazer Big Shot Turbo GT8000 Torch

Another entry for the Blazer brand is the Blazer Big Shot Turbo GT8000 Torch which is slightly pricier. It is a favorite of seasoned dabbers and is easy to refill. Like the Blazer Big Buddy noted above, the GT8000 offers a turbo flame that can reach 2500 degrees, as well as 60 minutes of continuous flame. It also comes in different colors with a detachable base. Although it heats to the same temp as the Big Buddy, the Blazer Big Shot Turbo GT8000 Torch is less aggressive. It’s also more comfortable to hold, so users with grip or wrist problems tend to pick the Big Buddy.

5. Newport Butane Torches

One of the most respectable brands in the industry, Newport butane torches come in sizes ranging from mini to jumbo, even a tabletop version. They offer single and double adjustable flames and they’re available in various colors. Generally, the capacity is large, and they are easy to use and refill. The torches are self-igniting, work at any angle, and are comfortable to hold. Newport butane torches are premium-grade products available at an excellent price.

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