Best Stoner Gear for Travel - Top 10 Necessities

Best Stoner Gear for Travel - Top 10 Necessities 

It’s summertime, and stoners all over the world are headed to festivals, beaches, and family gatherings. 

At Headshop, we are quite seasoned in the art of stoner travel. Unlike toking at home, heady traveling requires a different arsenal. 

You want to be a bit more discreet, and you want to be able to easily keep all your stuff together going from place to place.

Thus, we present you with our top 10 necessities for stoner travel. Whether you’re a diehard joint smoker or you need a good piece for concerts, we’ve got you covered for the summer and every season.

Check out the best of the best, and a heady bon voyage to you and yours.

BTW– We made this list from a collaborative vote among 5 team members, whose cannabis interests, knowledge, and pleasures cover a wide spectrum of preferences. In other words, by stoners who travel, for stoners who travel.

We also made sure to include a good range of price points, so the frugal stoner travellers out there can breathe a sigh of relief.

The Best Gear for Stoners Who Travel: Our Top 10

Best Traveling Bubbler - Waxmaid 8″ Universal Traveler Water Bottle Pipe

Best for Joint & Blunt Smokers - JPAQ Pre-roll Case

Best Dugout for Concerts & Festivals - PILOTDIARY One Hitter Dugout With Mini Grinder Lid

Best Backpack for Stoner Nomads - Ooze Traveler Smell Proof Backpack

Best Odor Control for Travel - Smoke Buddy JR. Personal Air Filter

Best Discreet Piece - Budsy Water Bottle Pipe

Best Portable Dab Rig for Travel - The Dipper

Best Travel Vaporizer for Dry Herb - Pulsar Flow

Best CBD Gummies for Travel - Jet Setter Orange Berry Blast CBD Gummy Drops

Best Nectar Collector for Traveling - Lookah Seahorse

Waxmaid 8″ Universal Traveler Water Bottle Pipe


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Want to have a handy bubbler anywhere you go? Without having to pack any precious (not to mention, breakable) glass? Say hello to the traveling bubbler mouthpiece. All you need is to find a bottle and some water, and you’ve got an automatic bubbler ready to go in any situation. The Waxmaid Traveler attaches to any bottle that has a neck with a diameter between 19 and 39mm. This covers your standard wine bottles and beer bottles and most plastic water bottles. Make it big, make it small, with this mouthpiece you can rip a bong wherever your travels take you. 

The Dipper


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If you like to dab your herb in concentrate form, we can’t think of a better travel option than the illustrious dipper. With this handy– and wildly attractive– little concentrate vape, you can dab anywhere you want. No torch or dab rig needed. Look forward to billowing clouds and lifted feelings with the Dipper, a device you’ll have for life. The Dipper has a vapor tip atomizer that makes the whole thing possible. And the quartz crystal atomizer lets you load this vape like a traditional vape pen, but with the true dab experience. So it’s not a vape pen at all, but more like a futuristic, portable dab rig. You can get the Dipper in blue, chrome, charcoal, or rainbow (our fave). 

Ooze Traveler Smell Proof Backpack 


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No matter what you’re packing, this backpack from Ooze’s Traveler Series provides the ultimate in peace of mind for traveling stoners. We’re talking totally discreet odor control wherever you go, with a nice design to take it over the top. Smell fresh and not like herb when you go to meet your SO’s family this summer. The stash gear backpack features a full carbon lining that literally traps odors securely inside. And what we really like is you can throw all your other stuff in here, too, not just your smoking accessories. There are two large pockets with zippers plus a rear pocket that has a coded lock. Never worry again about someone stealing your herb at a festival! The Ooze Traveler has comfortable shoulder straps and was designed with traveling stoners in mind. You can’t go wrong with this forever luggage.

Pulsar Flow - Dry Herb Vaporizer


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As seasoned stoner travelers, we know that no matter where you’re going this summer, dry herb will almost always be easier to find versus concentrates. For that reason alone, the 

wood grain or black on black Pulsar Flow makes a handy-dandy travel partner. Of all the vaporizers to travel with, this one takes the cake for dried flowers. We’ve all been in that situation, especially abroad, when herb is scarce, and what you can find is, well, beasters at best. With the Pulsar Flow, you can get as potent as possible with mystery vacation bud. We highly recommend it to pretty much any stoner.

Jet Setter Orange Berry Blast CBD Gummy Drops


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Weed is not legal everywhere, but stoners need their cannabinoids when a hangover or nasty jet lag strikes. CBD gummies are discreet, they taste great, and they’re a good wellness supplement to have in your carry-on. You never know when traveling anxiety may strike. CBD can help you keep calm, cool, and collected. These are our favorite called Jet Setter because they have additional vitamins like B and C to keep your immunity up while you travel. And interestingly, Flo Rida is somehow a part of the Jet Setter team/group of investors. He had a lot of hits we love from the mid-2000s, and we love these CBD gummies too.

Smoke Buddy JR. Personal Air Filter


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Everyone on the is in agreement that this is perhaps the best thing to happen to stoners who need to control the herb smell in cars, hostels, and hotels. Behold, the Smoke Buddy JR air filter that takes our breath away, literally. The company says you get about 200 uses out of it, and we can confirm that this thing lasts. We even made a video about it. 

Puffco Budsy Water Bottle Pipe


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There are a million reasons to be a discreet stoner while traveling. Whatever they are, we can’t think of a more discreet piece than the Budsy water bottle from Puffco. It’s an easy bubbler to get excited about. Everytime a new friend sees it, they’re dying to order one. At shows, picnics, kids’ birthday parties, wherever you need to get lifted on the DL, bring this baby with you. Made from BPA-free materials with hidden storage, no one needs to know your real water bottle doubles as a bubbler. We had to make a video about this one, too. Check it out:

PILOTDIARY One Hitter Dugout With Mini Grinder Lid


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Sure, you can grab the cheapest one hitter you can find at your local headshop before you hit a concert or festival. But breaking up your bud is something you don’t want to have to do every time, and one hitters can easily get clogged. The whole one-hitter experience is infinitely better when your herbiage is nicely ground up. That’s why we love this one-hitter dugout with a built-in grinder. For us finely-ground-up-herb purists, it’s the best thing to ever happen to the dugout. You can keep your herb in the bottom storage, and it covers odors very well. It’s worth the extra $15 to get a forever-dugout with the promise of freshly ground herb every time. 

JPAQ Pre-roll Case


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For all the joint and blunt smokers out there, this is your #1 for traveling smoking accessories. Aside from blunt wraps and rolling papers, of course. You can preserve and protect your precious blunts and joints from the elements, keeping them shapely and dry. This little case is also odor proof, helping keep you discreet while at festivals, family gatherings, etc. It comes with 5 king size pre-rolls and is under $20, making it a no-brainer for the next time you want to travel whilst keeping your joints so fresh and so clean clean. 

Lookah Seahorse Pro Electric Nectar Collector Kit



Here at Headshop, we love nectar collectors. These portable dab rigs are the ultimate in potency and fluffy vape clouds from yummy concentrates. We love a few brands, but for traveling, the best by far is the Lookah Seahorse PRO. A quartz tip, cool design, and compact size make this little guy your best friend while dabbing on the go. Get it in your favorite color and look forward to happy travels.

Traveling Stoners: Keep These Final Tips in Mind

  • Know the local and federal law around herbiage wherever you’re visiting.
  • Discretion is always a good idea.
  • Odor control should be on your mind.
  • Don’t do anything stupid.
  • Sharing is caring.
  • Have fun.

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