Best Online Head Shops: Buy Smoking Accessories from the Comfort of Your Couch

Blog posts Best Online Head Shops: Buy Smoking Accessories from the Comfort of Your Couch

It’s already a challenge to find a solid, local head shop for all your needs, but finding the best online head shops in a sea of competitors can prove downright frustrating.

You don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash on products from low-quality head shops —whether there are shipping issues, broken products upon arrival, or just subpar inventory, that’s not a headache you want (or need!).

To make sure you get the most out of your online shopping experience, we give you the info you need to only stick with the best. 

What to Look for In an Online Head Shop

The best online smoke shop has a wide array of products available for purchase. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced smoker, you should have access to different types of bongs, dab rigs, pipes, vaporizers, and accessories. It’s a total plus if your favorite head shop has access to wellness supplements like CBD and vitamins.

Being able to shop for your head shop products based on your favorite brands is also a super helpful tool. Sometimes, you fall in love with a specific brand, and being able to search or have brand names available from A-to-Z makes it so that you can minimize your time spent searching on an online website.

Aside from providing plenty of variety and organizing their products well, a good online head shop also helps you easily find on-sale items and gifts under $50. Sometimes, you’re just not looking to shell out that much cash so you need to be able to quickly click on clearance items or sale items so you can get what you need at a lower cost.

Speaking of cost, it’s important that your head shop has an option for free shipping and that all your packages arrive discreetly. They should definitely be insured and if they have payment solutions like Sezzle set up, then you’re golden. Sezzle allows you to make four interest-free payments instead of having to pay in full all at once.

The final consideration when looking for the best online head shops is what their customers are saying. You can typically find reviews from real customers who let you know what they love and what they don’t love so much about the head shop. That kind of transparency helps you decide as a new customer. Plus, even negative feedback allows an online head shop to improve its services.

Shop for Weed Accessories: Make Your Splurge Worth It

When you visit a head shop in person, you’re working with limited inventory. You may like a specific design or go in with a certain product in mind and they may not have it. With an online head shop, you can shop for all sorts of weed accessories and different products from a much wider selection. When you’re ready to go all in on some of the best bongs, pipes, and vapes, you can visit an online head shop and walk away with everything you want all at once. Ultimately, it’s about convenience. You can pick up anything from accessories to CBD products all in one place and it all gets discreetly shipped right to your front door.

High-Quality Head Shops vs. Low-Quality Head Shops

You can usually tell when a company has spent time creating a user-friendly website interface. You probably visited a few websites where you didn’t even want to keep clicking because you already got the sense that they weren’t exactly investing in their online presence. However, sometimes a website does look good. If that’s the case, then what other metrics do you have to determine whether the head shop you’re looking at is low quality or high quality?

Customer service is always a great place to start. So long as your online headshop has a phone number, an email address, and social media, then you know that you can get in contact with their customer support team. If you’re not sure about purchasing products yet or you need a little guidance, reach out and find out what kind of customer support they offer — including checking to see if they have affordable prices.

As we mentioned previously, having a wide array of products to choose from makes the difference between a high-quality head shop and a low-quality head shop. When an online head shop goes above and beyond by providing knowledgeable blogs to help their stoner community, then you know they’re really invested in making sure you have the best experience with them.

Finally, transparency is huge. You should be able to easily access their terms of service, their refund policy, and check out their most frequently asked questions. This puts you in the know so that you can minimize misunderstandings and trust in their service. If you notice a head shop is bare bones, it’s likely a low-quality shop that will only deliver low-quality items.

The Products Worth Buying

Obviously, one of the most important pieces to have as a smoker is a good pipe. There are so many different types available for purchase made with different materials — you have to check out a large selection to make a solid buying decision.

If you’re more into dabbing, then you have to check out the newest dab rigs on the market. They range in style, material, and of course, price. And again, when you have a large selection and you can filter by price range, then you’re in a better position to pick up something that’s budget friendly and that you absolutely love.

Another staple product for stoners is a good bong and other high quality smoking accessories, like rolling papers. Whether it’s a gravity bong, glass bongs or a bubbler, having one of these pieces as part of your collection is a must. Once you have all your staples set up, you need some smoking accessories. These are the tools that just make your stoner life a little easier. Whether it’s a silicone cleaner, a glass down stem, or a carb cap, there are tools you may not even realize exist but that would make a perfect addition to your collection.

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