8 Environmentally Friendly Ways to Smoke Cannabis

by Chris Husong

8 Environmentally Friendly Ways To Smoke Cannabis

When considering the environmental impacts of smoking cannabis, both the cannabis industry and cannabis users should work together on a sustainable model. Keep reading as we look at 8 environmentally friendly ways to smoke cannabis.

1. Buy organic weed

If you really want to care for the environment, start by buying weed that has been grown without using any chemicals. Aside from their harmful effects on people, chemical pesticides also negatively impact the soil as well as any surrounding wildlife.

2. Buy local weed

We know this one isn’t always possible because cannabis can’t grow everywhere around the world. But if the weed you buy has to travel from another continent to get into your pipe, that’s quite a large carbon footprint. Support your local growers whenever possible as it reduces the amount of pollution generated for transportation.

3. Reuse product packaging

Whether you're buying buds, concentrates, or oils, packaging is always involved. Try to repurpose the original containers for something else whenever possible. You can bring empty containers and glass bottles back to the dispensary and ask them to restock your purchases in those same containers. This is what recycling is all about!

4. Try pipe smoking

Many rolling papers are made from trees, but nothing is wasted when you smoke a pipe. There are so many incredible pipes to choose from! So try to break your joint habit if you truly want to take part in an environmentally sustainable future. By doing this, you'll also save on rolling papers!

5. Try hemp papers

Try using hemp papers if you just can't live without smoking joints. Hemp grows quickly and produces a lot of fibrous material for making paper and many other products. A lot of processing goes toward turning hemp into paper, but it is a much quicker renewable source than turning trees into paper!

6. Buy a reusable filter for your joints

Joint smokers can really come together here to reduce waste. Putting a reusable ceramic filter round glass tip onto the end of your joint not only provides a smoother hit, but it means you won't waste cardboard or paper filter tips. Plus, when you're done smoking, there's nothing to throw out. Just clean your filter from time to time using a pipe cleaner so it stays in good condition.

7. Put joint roaches in an ashtray

Instead of throwing your joint roaches everywhere, you should put them into an ashtray and then properly throw them away. Pocket ashtrays are ingenious if you're smoking outside. You know, it's a really big environmental no-no to leave your butts around for someone else to clean up!

8. Use organic cleaning solutions

For your weekly bong cleaning, use a rubbing alcohol solution with salt or rice or a green bong cleaner instead of a chemical solution that will go right down the drain back into the environment. 

Becoming a more eco-friendly cannabis smoker isn't as hard as it might seem. Together we can make a huge difference by breaking some habits and paying extra attention to our environment. Let's all take the steps necessary towards making this industry sustainable now for the future!

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