What is a Cannagar?

What is a Cannagar?

Cannagar: A Cigar Made Of 100% Cannabis

A cannabis cigar is also known as a cannagar. It’s a cigar made of 100% cannabis. No tobacco or paper to harsh up your smoke. Wrap your weed in a premium cannabis leaf instead, using only the finest weed available to you.

We’re talking premium quality indoor full flower buds and hash oil without any solvents. The idea is like moon rocks which are made using full buds dipped in hash oil and then covered in kief. If you want to take your cannagar to the next level, moon rocks will easily double the potency.

It should be noted that moon rocks are trickier to grind and smoke. There is a risk of losing two of your most potent and expensive ingredients. Every time you break up a moon rock, oil and kief can get lost on your fingers or in your grinder.

However, the ingredients in a cannagar are tightly wrapped and sealed. So, your most potent ingredients should be safe, while you enjoy the smoothest cannabis smoke you’ve ever had.

One of the most amazing things about a cannagar is that it can burn and burn and burn. Light it at 5:00 pm, and it will still be burning at 9:00 pm. A cannagar really is the smoothest smoking experience a true cannabis connoisseur can have.

The Cannagar was Inspired by the Thai Stick

Before we get into how to make a cannagar, let’s talk about its origins. The cannagar was inspired by the “thai stick,” which was popular back in the 60’s and 70’s. If you understand the thai stick, it will make more sense when we get into how to make a cannagar.

In fact, a cannagar is still called a thai stick. Today’s thai sticks differ from the original though. The original thai sticks were some of the first premium buds. Using hemp string, they were tied to a bamboo stick. Then, they were dipped in opium to add more potency.

Considering America’s opiate problem, we think most people today would rather have a cannagar. But cannabis does help with this. States that have legalized cannabis have lower mortality rates from opioid overdoses.

Materials You’ll Need to Make a Cannagar

If you want to make a cannagar the size of a cigar, you’ll need about 12 grams of flower and 3 grams of hash oil. Cannabis concentrates and live resin with a sappy consistency work well for making a cannagar.

However, you can make a mini cannabis cigar, also called a “cannagarillo” with an eighth of weed, a 0.5 gram of cannabis concentrates, and cannabis leaves.

You’ll also need a small wooden stick and hemp stringThe wooden stick will make it easier to consume your ingredients but remove it before smoking the cannagar.

The hole left by the wooden stick helps keep the air and smoke flowing as you inhale. Without it, the cannagar could clog from resin build up. Also, if you roll it too tightly, it won’t hit.

Be sure to check out all the materials to make a cannagar that we stock at Headshop.

How To Roll A Cannagar

Once you’ve gathered all your materials, you can start rolling your cannagar.

  1. Grind your weed you’re using the freshest, stickiest, and fluffiest full flower buds. If you weed is dry, it won’t stick to the wooden stick.
  2. Coat the wooden stick with hash oil (or a mixture of sugar water) to create an adhesive. Then, start packing as much bud as you can onto the stick.
  3. Use the hemp string to tie the weed onto the stick. While you’re molding, the string will help keep the weed from falling off. Be careful not to tie it too tightly, so you can easily remove it later.
  4. Once the mold is tied, wrap it in parchment or wax paper and refrigerate it for 1 to 2 days.
  5. After removing the mold from the refrigerator, carefully remove the hemp string.
  6. Hold each end of the stick to roll the mold in sticky hash oil. If your concentrate is like shatter, put a lighter to it until it gets sticky.
  7. Like wraps when rolling blunts, start wrapping the hash oil-covered mold with cannabis leaves. Soak the outside of the leaves with concentrate liquid or sugar water before you tie it again with hemp string.
  8. After a few days in the refrigerator, you can add another layer or two of hash oil and cannabis leaves to fatten it up even further.
  9. Lastly, dry your cannagar for 1 to 2 weeks before smoking. After curing, store in an airtight container until you’re ready to smoke. Be sure to remove the hemp strings and wooden stick before lighting up.

If your cannagar is rolled properly, you can expect to enjoy the smoothest smoking session from start to finish up to 5 hours long.


Just so you know, if you buy a pre-made cannagar, expect to pay between $100 to $500. But, if you can’t find a pre-rolled cannagar, now you know how to make your own, (even if it takes a couple of 2 weeks)!

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