New E1011 Labs Product Round-Up: Introducing the Elon Lite Portable Vaporizer

by Chris Husong

 New E1011 Labs Product Round-Up: Introducing the Elon Lite Portable Vaporizer

And this month we also bring you another new product round-up from E1011 Labs, to introduce the new Elon Lite Portable Vaporizer along with the incredible cannabinoid and terpenes flavor packs of Stelo and Ari53. Let’s get right into it!

Elon Lite Portable Vaporizer Device

The new Elon Lite Portable Vaporizer Device by e1011 labs offers all the power of the original Elon in a lighter device. The Elon Lite is a sophisticated plug-and-play device that provides a convenient and efficient way to enjoy your favorite flower. This device is engineered with a sleek, lightweight, ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Measuring 3.5” in length, it is the perfect size for your pocket or purse. 

The Elon Lite features non-flammable combustion with heat-not-burn technology and no burning, smoke, ash, or pyrolytic toxins. The device has buttonless, intuitive, easy-to-use controls and a built-in LED display that shows battery life and temperature setting. The Elon Lite Portable Vaporizer provides a unique and convenient way to enjoy dry flower consumption without any of the hassles.


  • 95-22C Adjustable Temperature Range
  • 10-Minute Automatic Shut-Off Timer 
  • 10-Second Heat-Up Time
  • 8- to 10 Sessions Per Charge
  • 30- to 45-Minute Charge Time
  • Rapid Type-C Charging Port

Read all about the Stelo and Ari53 cannabinoid flavor packs for the Elon Portable Vaporizer right here.

Stelo Relief

Experience the fruity aroma and citrus burst of flavor of Stelo Relief. Now you can let go of stress at the end of the day without any hassle because every individual Stelo pack is pre-dosed. Not only does it offer convenience, but it also prevents any spillage. Get your daily dose of cannabinoids with Stelo Relief.

Stelo Uplift

Boost your mood with the unique flower blend of Stelo Uplift. It’s a cannabinoid pick-me-up that will not only enhance your productivity and creativity, but it will also bring more ease into your day. All it takes is a 4-minute session to reset your day. You’ll look forward to Mondays with Stelo Uplift.

Stelo Calm


After a long day, the mellow blend of full-spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes in Stelo Calm will boost of sense of well-being, helping you find your center. Chill out, visualize your happy place, and release all your cares with Stelo Calm. 

Stelo Focus

When you need to concentrate, let Stelo Focus be your new go-to. This blend of cannabinoids and terpenes will keep you on your toes without the crash or jitters of a caffeine alternative. Focus your energy with Stelo Focus.

Stelo Relax

After a long, hectic day, sit back and let Stelo Relax wash your cares away as it lulls you into relaxation. Blended by an in--house flower expert, the Stelo Relax flower blend was formulated to put more ease into your day as you unwind. Welcome more serenity into your evenings, with Stelo Relax.

Stelo Higgs Mixed Berry or Lemon Lime

Enjoy the scent of berries rich in antioxidants with Stelo Higgs Mixed Berry. This blend of hemp flower and a full terpene profile makes an experience that you will savor. The flavor is both sweet and tart that just might be your new favorite. 

Refreshing Stelo Higgs Lemon Lime is ideal any time you’re feeling a midday slump. These particular terpenes and cannabinoids combine both sweet and tart lemons and limes for a delicious flavor that hits the spot.

Stelo Stimulate

The scent of sweet bubblegum and tart cherries will help you get your blood flowing, as lavender notes set a relaxed, sensual mood. Enjoy the arousal of mind and body with Stelo Stimulate either with a partner or solo. 

Ari53 Biscotti

If you’re looking for an elevated session, the combination of cannabinoids and terpenes in Ari53 Biscotti offers subtle cookie undertones. Just let yourself sink into a sweet blissful state without any of the brain fog.

Ari53 Grape Ape

The blend of terpenes and cannabinoids in Ari53 Grape Ape offers a fruity scent that will lift your brain fog in a 4-minute session. The packs feature a unique image of a real Bored Ape NFT, so you get an elevated session and a rare, licensed collectible.

Ari53 Maui Wowie

Experience relaxing Hawaiian vacation vibes with Ari53 Maui Wowie. Let the aroma of sweet pineapple carry you away on a tropical journey and inspire your creativity. Escape the day-to-day grind with the bliss of Ari53 Maui Wowie.

Ari53 Zmuckers Pie

The sweet fruity flavors of Ari53 Zmuckers Pie will make you one with your inner child. This blend of cannabinoids and terpenes will bring back childhood memories sweetness of handpicked strawberries, now with HHC flower for an elevated kick. 

Visit us at and shop the Elon Lite Portable Vaporizer, Stelo and Ari53 cannabinoid flavor packs today!

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