How to Keep Your Dab Nail Clean

How To Keep Your Dab Nail CleanWant to enhance your dabbing experience? Well, keeping your dab nail clean is one way to do this. With a clean dab, your concentrates come through pure, potent, and flavorful, but it will also ensure that your nail will last longer. Not to mention the fact that dabbing off of a dirty nail is just gross!

If you use a bong, you probably already know about the importance of regular cleaning. And just like your bong, regularly cleaning your nail will take less time to keep it looking shiny and new again.

Here, we’ll show you how to keep your dab nail clean. But, before we dive in, we should consider what material your nail is made of. Because the material your dab nail is made of will largely determine the best way to clean your nail. Most dab nails are commonly made of quartz, titanium, or ceramic.

Recommended Tools to Clean Your Dab Nail:

How to Clean Titanium Domeless Nails

If you need to clean titanium domeless nails, you’ve come to the right place. Although some titanium dab nail owners say that you shouldn’t clean your titanium nail, keeping your titanium nail clean is just as important as it is for dab nails made of other types of material. 

Do NOT use rubbing alcohol on your titanium dab nail because titanium is a porous metal. If you do, you may cause irreparable damage such that it will leave a bad and potentially unhealthy aftertaste.

Cleaning your titanium dab nail is actually fast and easy. The best way to clean it is to heat the nail first with a dab torch. Carefully scrape off any residue while the nail is hot using your dabber tool and brush clean using plain water. Do not use any soap or harsh chemicals.

How to Clean Quartz Nails, Domeless Quartz Nails & Quartz Bangers

Cleaning quartz nails, domeless quartz nails, and quartz bangers is easy! Don’t be that person who uses a dirty dabber, especially if you like to dab with friends. To avoid a bad rep, keep your quartz nail sparkling clean at all times. This means cleaning the nail after every use.

Unlike titanium, do NOT use a dabber tool to scrape the inside of your quartz nail. Using a dabbing tool to scrape your quartz or ceramic nail can seriously damage your nail.

Extra Tips:

  • Experienced dabbers prefer low-temperature dabs, they say they’re the best. So, it’s important to find the optimal heat-up and cool-down times for your nail so you can get the most out of every dab. This will maximize potency and flavor, and will also keep your nail cleaner every time you use it. High-temperature dabs can cause the oil to combust which can permanently stain your nail.
  • Rubbing alcohol and cleaning solutions can be used on most of your nails, EXCEPT titanium nails. If your nail is very dirty, soak it in rubbing alcohol for a deeper clean. Rubbing alcohol helps remove any residue so, along with lightly scrubbing with a Q-Tip, your nail will look like new again.
  • Using a Q-Tip to clean out the bucket after every dab is one of the best ways to keep a clean quartz nail. Do this by dipping a Q-Tip in rubbing alcohol to clean out the inside of the quartz bucket, banger, or nail after taking a dab. This will help remove any residual wax or oil. You know those Q-Tips with pointed ends? They’re better at getting into all the little nooks and crannies of your nail than those with rounded ends.
  • Don’t forget to take some time cleaning the nail joint. This will ensure that excess oil doesn’t get into your dab rig joint because that could cause the dab nail to stick or break. 

Final Takeaway

So, the most important takeaway is that for the best performance of your dab nail, keep your dab nail as clean as you can. We all know that concentrates aren’t cheap, so don’t waste your money. Keep your dab nail clean for the best dabbing experience. And, a little cleaning after every dab goes a long way in extending the life of your nail.

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