offers a large variety of premium quality and reasonably priced nectar collectors, water pipes, bongs, bubblers, dab rigs, one hitter dugouts, grinders, vaporizers, and wax pens. The company’s mission to provide the most practical smoking products at the best prices.

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    HUMAN SUCKS Stinger Electric Nectar Collector

    One of PILOTDIARY’s bestsellers is the HUMAN SUCKS Stinger Electric Nectar Collector. This nectar collector delivers an amazing dabbing flavor experience. With four temperature settings, there is the right temperature to suit everyone. There’s no need to wait because the device heats up in only 5 seconds. This nectar collector is great for pros and easy enough for novices.

    DNA Bong

    This cool DNA bong measures 10.5" tall with a 14mm female joint, fixed downstem, and turbine flower of life perc inside the chamber. As you inhale vapor and smoke through the flared mouthpiece, the glass DNA helix starts to spin in circles as the bong diffuses and bubbles. You and your friends will be fascinated by the mesmerizing effect it produces!

    One Hitter Dugout with Grinder

    The One Hitter Dugout with Grinder by PILOTDIARY is arguably the best dugout one hitter available on the market today. This little one hitter dugout is an easily portable all-in-one device. Made of premium quality metal, one of its biggest advantages is its own convenient miniature grinder. The device is so compact, you can easily carry it in your pocket. 

    BS-850 Butane Torch

    The BS-850 Butane Torch by PILOTDIARY is another popular favorite. Made of high-quality aluminum and ABS plastic for durability, this handheld torch is also lightweight. Great for outdoor barbeques too. To get different flame size and strength, use the adjustable flame regulator.

    Mandala Herb Grinder

    This premium aluminum alloy Mandala Herb Grinder by PILOTDIARY has four pieces and three chambers. It is scratch resistant and lightweight compared to a traditional zinc alloy grinder. The built-in stainless-steel micro-screen filters fine pollen to ensure the perfect grind. This grinder is the perfect accessory to add to your smoking collection!