Why Don't I Feel High After Smoking a Joint: Common Reasons and Solutions

by Matt Hampton
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You tried smoking a joint but didn't feel high. It's common for new and seasoned smokers alike. This article will explore reasons why and offer easy fixes to get the experience you're after.

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Possible Reasons for Not Feeling High After Smoking a Joint

Possible reasons for not feeling high after smoking a joint:

- First-time use of cannabis

- Inhaling improperly

- Using poor-quality product

- Ingesting insufficient weed

- Choosing low-THC or high-CBD strain

First time using cannabis

Using cannabis for the first time might not give you a high. Your body is getting used to THC, which is what makes you feel high. This process is called the sensitization period. It's like your body and brain are learning how to react to cannabis.

Some people don't feel anything their first few times smoking weed. That doesn't mean weed isn't working. Keep trying, but don't overdo it. Your body needs time to understand how to handle THC and other compounds in marijuana.

Not inhaling properly

Inhale the smoke deeply into your lungs when smoking a joint to ensure it's absorbed efficiently. Take slow, deep breaths to allow the THC to reach your bloodstream and take effect.

Avoid shallow inhales or holding the smoke in your mouth as this prevents proper absorption and diminishes its effects.

Ensure that each hit is followed by a deep breath before exhaling, allowing the cannabis compounds to be fully absorbed into your system. This active inhalation technique optimizes the delivery of THC, enhancing the high you experience.

Using a poor-quality product

If your weed doesn't get you high, the quality might be to blame. Low-grade marijuana may have insufficient THC, the compound responsible for getting you high. Check your product's potency and invest in a reliable supplier to ensure that you are smoking good-quality cannabis that will deliver the experience you're seeking.

Not using enough weed

Using a sufficient amount of weed is crucial for feeling the high effects. If you're not feeling high after smoking, it might be because you didn't use enough cannabis. The potency of the strain and your tolerance level can also affect how much weed you need to use to feel its full effects.

To ensure that you get the desired high, pay attention to the potency of your weed and consider adjusting the quantity accordingly.

Consuming a low-THC or high-CBD strain

Using a low-THC or high-CBD strain may result in not feeling as high. Ensure that the weed you're consuming has sufficient THC levels to produce the desired psychoactive effects. If you find that your current strain isn't delivering the high you seek, consider trying a different one with higher THC potency for a more potent effect.

Moving on to "Poor inhaling technique"..

Poor inhaling technique

When inhaling cannabis, breathe in deeply and hold it for a few seconds to allow the lungs to absorb as much THC as possible. Properly drawing the smoke into your lungs ensures that you're not wasting your weed.

Avoid shallow breaths or exhaling too quickly to maximize the effects of the marijuana. This technique will assist you in getting the most out of your smoking experience and feeling high.

Perfecting this method can significantly enhance your overall marijuana high and deliver a more satisfying experience, helping you unlock the secrets of enjoying cannabis fully.

Mind not letting you get high

Your mindset can affect your high. If you're feeling anxious or stressed, it may prevent you from getting high. To improve your experience, find a comfortable and calm environment to enjoy cannabis in.

Clearing your mind and focusing on positive thoughts can help enhance the effects of marijuana.

Moving forward to "Full stomach before smoking".

Full stomach before smoking

Eating a big meal before smoking can slow down the effects of weed. When you have a full stomach, it takes longer for your body to absorb the THC from cannabis. This delay means that you might not feel high as quickly as when smoking on an empty stomach.

To improve your experience, consider waiting until after a meal to smoke or choosing lighter snacks beforehand. This could help you feel the high more quickly and fully enjoy your cannabis experience without feeling bloated or sluggish.

Ready for some useful tips on how to boost your cannabis high? Let's delve into ways to improve your cannabis experience!

High tolerance

Your body may have built up a tolerance to cannabis. This means you need more weed to feel its effects. Consider taking a break from smoking to reset your tolerance level and get high again with less weed - a win-win situation for both your system and wallet!

Solutions to Improve Your Cannabis High

Improve your cannabis high by understanding the potency of the weed you're consuming and taking a tolerance break. Consider trying different methods of consumption to achieve the desired effects.

Make sure you are actually smoking weed

Check that you are using real cannabis for smoking. Be sure it's not a fake or substitute product.

Ensure the weed has enough THC

Before moving on to ensuring the weed has enough THC, it is crucial to make sure you are actually smoking weed. When it comes to the potency of your high, the THC content in your cannabis plays a pivotal role.

Low-THC strains may not produce the desired effects. Look for strains with higher levels of THC if you're not feeling high after smoking a joint. Checking the THC content when purchasing your cannabis can help ensure that you have a more potent product and experience the desired effects.

Understand what feeling high feels like

Feeling high involves experiencing a shift in perception, heightened senses, and altered thinking. It may bring about feelings of euphoria, relaxation, or increased creativity Keyword: psychoactive compounds.

Your sense of time and space might change as well, leading to a distorted perception of reality.

Remember that feeling high varies from person to person and can also depend on the strain used. Some strains produce an energetic high while others induce a more relaxed state. Understanding the effects can help manage expectations when consuming cannabis Keyword: weed potency and ensure a more enjoyable experience.

Take a tolerance break

To reset your cannabis tolerance, consider taking a break from consuming marijuana. This break can help lower your body's buildup of tolerance to weed and allow you to experience the high you desire more effectively.

During this time, your body will become more sensitive to THC, making it easier for you to feel its effects when you start consuming again. By taking a tolerance break, you can rekindle the enjoyable experiences that may have diminished due to habitual use and give yourself a chance to appreciate the full effects of cannabis once more.

Try using a different method of consumption

Looking to change things up? If smoking isn't doing the trick, why not explore other methods like vaping or trying cannabis edibles? Vaping heats the weed without burning it, providing a different high.

Edibles offer a longer and more potent experience when ingested. So give these alternatives a shot!

By switching your method of consumption to vaping or edibles, you can get a different kind of high that might suit you better than smoking.

Don't mix cannabis with other drugs

Avoid mixing cannabis with other drugs. Mixing substances can lead to unpredictable and dangerous effects, impacting your high and overall well-being. Stay safe by keeping cannabis separate from other drugs for a more controlled experience.


Feeling frustrated about not getting high after smoking a joint? Consider on-point inhaling and quality weed. Boost your cannabis high with these practical solutions. Check out how to level up your marijuana experience!


1. Why don't I feel high after smoking a joint?

Not feeling the effects of marijuana can be due to various factors such as tolerance buildup, smoking techniques, or even the cannabis itself not having enough THC.

2. Can how I smoke affect my high?

Yes, your smoking habits and techniques play a big role. If you're not inhaling properly or if the joint isn't rolled well, you might not experience the desired effects of marijuana.

3. What does tolerance buildup mean?

Tolerance buildup means your body gets used to cannabis over time. The more often you smoke, the less effect it might have on you, making it harder to get high from cannabis.

4. Could other substances I take affect my ability to get high?

Indeed! Substance interactions are real; some medications or drugs can prevent you from feeling intoxicated by blocking or reducing marijuana's effects on your body.

5. How can I solve issues with not getting high from cannabis?

To address factors preventing a marijuana high, consider taking a break to reduce tolerance levels, try different smoking methods or check for higher THC strains that may produce better intoxication effects.

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