15 Fun Joint Smoking Games to Play While High

by Matt Hampton
Friends enjoy a joint smoking game in a cozy living room.

Finding fun things to do while high can sometimes be a challenge. Did you know that playing games specifically designed for when you're high can double the fun? This article brings 15 entertaining joint smoking games that promise to elevate your next session.

Get ready for laughs and good times!

Top 10 Best Weed Smoking Games

Looking for some fun games to play while high? Here are the top 10 best weed smoking games that'll take your experience to a whole new level. Whether it’s Bong Pong, Out Smoke U, or Weed Jenga, these games will elevate your cannabis party to epic levels of entertainment.


Bong Pong

Bong Pong takes the classic beer pong and spins it with a cannabis twist. Instead of beer, you fill cups with water or leave them empty. Players throw a ping-pong ball across a table trying to land it in the cups.

If your ball lands in an opponent's cup, they take a hit from their bong or joint. This game combines skill and fun as you aim to make your friends reach new highs.

Teams can be formed for an exciting tournament style play. Strategy becomes key as players choose who will shoot next based on their aim and ability to stay focused while high. It's all about laughter, precision, and enjoying marijuana together in a competitive yet friendly atmosphere.

Out Smoke U / Heavyweight

Transitioning from the competitive game of Bong Pong, get ready to showcase your smoking prowess in the Out Smoke U/Heavyweight challenge. Choose your opponent and blaze through rounds of joint-smoking to see who can outlast the other.

Engage in a head-to-head showdown with another stoner as you both smoke joints without exhaling until someone taps out. It's all about endurance and skill, so make sure you're ready for a heavyweight battle.

This is where relaxation meets competition, creating an entertaining twist on traditional smoke sessions.

Smoke & Go Seek

In Smoke & Go Seek, one person hides while the others count, and then they have to seek out the hidden person. The twist is that everyone has a joint or blunt in hand which they can continue smoking while hiding or seeking.

It adds extra excitement and laughter to the game, making it an enjoyable cannabis-fueled version of a classic childhood game.

While playing Smoke & Go Seek, be sure to stay safe and respect boundaries as you navigate through the high times with friends.

Never Have I Ever

Transitioning from "Smoke & Go Seek" to "Never Have I Ever," let's dive into this classic game. In a circle, each player takes turns making a statement starting with "Never have I ever." Players who have done the action mentioned put down a finger and the last person with fingers up wins.

This game is perfect for uncovering surprising facts in a relaxed setting.

As we move forward, we will explore more intriguing weed smoking games that add an extra level of enjoyment to your smoking sessions.

Weed Jenga

Weed Jenga is a high-entertainment game that combines steady hands and a stoner's sense of humor. The classic block-stacking game gets a twist as each block has a funny or daring action written on it, making the stakes higher with each move.

This novelty pot game is sure to keep everyone entertained and laughing as they try to keep the tower from toppling over.

Shifting our focus to "Movie Smoke Games"..

Movie Smoke Games

Transitioning from "Weed Jenga" to "Movie Smoke Games", let's delve into the realm of movie smoking games. Get ready for some entertainment that is tailored towards high times and relaxation.

When it comes to movie smoke games, grab your favorite joint and pick a classic stoner film like "Pineapple Express" or any other marijuana-themed movie. As you watch, take a hit every time certain phrases are said or specific actions occur on screen.

Try not to choose overly long movies, as sitting through an entire epic while getting high might be too daunting. The aim here is simple enjoyment - nothing too complex nor intricate - just laid-back fun!

Hold Your Smoke

Hold Your Smoke is a classic test of lung capacity and endurance, where participants take a puff and hold the smoke in as long as they can. The winner is typically the one who holds it longest, proving their stoner stamina.

This game often leads to laughter and friendly competition among friends while enjoying some good weed.

Now let's move on to the next smoking game - Spin Wheel.

Spin Wheel

Spin the wheel and let fate decide your next smoking adventure. Each section of the wheel is labeled with a different activity, from choosing the strain to be smoked to deciding who packs the next bowl.

Use keywords like joint games, cannabis games, and marijuana games to enhance your high game experience.


Transitioning from "Spin Wheel" to "Jammin," let's talk about another fun joint smoking game. In this game, called 'Jammin,' the goal is to embark on a musical journey while high. Players take turns selecting songs and passing the joint around as they groove to the music.

The challenge is to keep up with the rhythm and enjoy the heightened sensory experience that comes with being high.

This social activity not only enhances your high but also creates a unique bonding experience among friends who share a love for both cannabis and music. Jammin is all about enjoying good vibes, good tunes, and good company - it's truly an immersive way to elevate your weed-smoking session!

Stoned Musical Chairs

Stoned Musical Chairs is a classic game with a twist. Set up chairs in a circle, with one fewer chair than the number of players. As the music plays, everyone walks around the chairs.

When the music stops, grab a seat – but don't worry if you're left standing without a chair; take a hit instead! It's an amusing way to add some thrill to this childhood favorite and keep the good vibes flowing at your gathering.

For added fun and challenge during Stoned Musical Chairs, play your favorite stoner tunes and switch up the pace of walking around to really feel those high energy levels surge through as you compete for those coveted spots when that beat drops.

Blunt Games

Compete in Blunt Rolling Competitions with your friends and challenge each other to see who can roll the best blunt – read more for an amazing time!


Blunt Rolling Competitions

Get ready to roll! Blunt rolling competitions add an extra layer of fun to your smoke sesh. Challenge your friends to see who can roll the tightest, most evenly-packed blunt in a race against the clock.

It's all about precision and speed as you showcase your joint-rolling skills in this high-stakes competition. The winner earns bragging rights and respect from fellow stoners.

Show off your dexterity and flair by participating in blunt rolling competitions, where creativity meets craftsmanship. Perfecting your rolling technique adds an element of hands-on entertainment to your session, making it an exciting and engaging activity for pot enthusiasts looking for a little friendly competition.


Shotguns are a classic smoking game where two people share a single joint or blunt. One person exhales smoke into the mouth of the other, who inhales it all at once. It's an exciting and intimate experience that enhances the high for both parties.

Shotguns can add fun and connection to your smoking sessions while also intensifying the buzz.

If you're looking to spice up your smoke sesh, shotguns can offer a unique twist on traditional joint or blunt sharing.

Marco / Polo

Transitioning from "Shotguns" to "Marco / Polo," let's delve into the classic pool game, adapted for stoners. Marco / Polo is one of those joint smoking games that gets everyone involved in the action.

Playing this game while high adds an extra layer of fun and challenge to it. The idea is simple - players close their eyes and navigate based on sound cues, calling out "Marco" while others respond with "Polo." It’s a blast trying to locate each other in the haze, making it an essential addition to your pot games repertoire.


Medusa is a stoner game where players sit in a circle passing a joint around. The goal is to hold the smoke and not exhale until it's their turn again. If someone exhales before their turn, they're out.

To make it more fun, play some chill music in the background and see who can last the longest without letting out any smoke.

In Medusa, focus on taking deep breaths when holding your hit to increase your chances of winning this stoner game.



After exploring these 15 exciting joint smoking games, you're bound to have a blast with your buddies. Whether it's Bong Pong, Smoke & Go Seek, or Blunt Rolling Competitions, the fun is endless.

So grab your friends and get ready for some high-spirited entertainment - these games are sure to elevate your next smoke session!


1. What are some fun games to play while high?

There are 15 fun joint smoking games you can try, like stoner trivia or music guessing games, that make being high even more enjoyable.

2. Can these games be played with friends?

Yes! These high games are perfect for playing with friends during a ganja session, making your time together more entertaining.

3. Are there different types of stoner games?

Absolutely! From creative storytelling to competitive challenges, there's a wide variety of stoner games designed for recreation and laughter.

4. Do I need anything special to play these ganja games?

Mostly, all you need is a joint and some good company. Some games might require music or movies but nothing too hard to find.

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