Elements Rolling Papers

    Elements has been designing rolling paper booklets for quite some time now. Elements produces rolling papers, cones, rollers, tips, trays, apparel, pipes, storage solutions, and accessories. Their ultra-thin rice papers are designed to burn incredibly clean without altering the taste of your smoke and with almost zero ash.

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    Every paper is imprinted with their proprietary crisscross watermark to prevent runs and allow for a smooth and even burn.

    Elements has Invented Patented Solutions

    They have also invented patented solutions to some problems that other rolling paper manufacturers haven’t been able to do. One of those problems is once a booklet of papers has been opened, the cover stays slightly open which makes the booklet appear used.

    Creating slits in the booklet for the cover to slide into was problematic because the cover doesn’t slide in perfectly and it's time consuming. Using rubber bands to keep the booklets closed after being opened was an impractical solution as well.

    The Elements Magnet Pack

    After much trial and error, a solution to the problem was invented using two magnets. The distance between the magnet and the booklet was minimized to satisfy both appearance and function. The Elements Magnet Pack was released without much fanfare, but customer feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The Magnet Pack was a true game changer!


    Another problem is with interleaving. Interleaving is when you pull out a paper and the next one comes forward ready to be pulled out next. The problem is that every paper was folded in the middle. But when rolling a smoke, the paper always had to be re-folded for easier rolling.

    So, Elements invented a new way of interleaving. Instead of being folded in the middle, every paper is folded in just the right spot to perfectly roll a smoke. This new invention was called THE PERFECT FOLD.