Bong Cleaners

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    If you want to keep your bong sparkling clean, then take a look at some of the amazing bong cleaners, cleaning solutions, and kits available at Headshop. Your bong has to be clean and free of any of the residue and buildup if your goal is the biggest and smoothest hits.

    36 products
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    Not only does residue make your bong look dirty, but the ash that accumulates in a dirty bong is potentially carcinogenic. Dirty bongs look gross and smell gross, but they can also significantly degrade the flavor of your hits.

    Bong cleaners help eliminate germs when sharing your piece. And, of course, a pristine bong certainly looks more appealing, especially when sharing your bong with friends. So check out our large selection of bong cleaners and supplies that will make your bong seem like new again.