HeadShop.com Featured on Los Angeles Magazine

Los Angeles Magazine knows a thing or two about the LA scene — they’ve been covering local news, style and culture since 1961. So we were stoked to see them give a nod to Headshop recently. They called us out in a post at LAMag.com about the best CBD hemp flower strains

“When you’re working with CBD flowers, you need to also consider the available accessories that make your smoking experience easier and more enjoyable. Whether you need grinders, rolling papers, lighters, odor-removing candles, or even storage containers for your hemp buds and all your smoking paraphernalia, the Headshop has everything you could possibly need in a plethora of styles. They have a vast selection of products to choose from…” 

They’re right, Headshop has a huge selection!

We curate the world’s best stuff. Headshop is continually on the hunt for the best-quality products to support your elevated lifestyle — whether you’re focused on CBD flower, or more THC-centric versions of the herb. Doesn’t matter if you prefer to smoke, vape, dab, ingest edibles, or run on topicals, we’ve got you covered, with essentials and accessories.  Thanks for noticing LAMag.com!  

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