Arizer is a well-established vaporizer company that offers a line of products ranging from mini vaporizers to at home vaporizer systems, A favorite among dry herb vaping enthusiasts, some of the high-tech features include hybrid heating options (convection and conduction), all-glass heating pathways, and quick warm up times.

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    Arizer offers all kinds of vaporizers from lightweight mini vape pens to high performance yet discreet dry herb vapes to dry herb towers for the ideal at home vaporizer system. Keep reading for details about some of their most popular products below.

    Arizer ArGo

    The Arizer ArGo is a hybrid conduction/convection vaporizer that provides a very smooth vaping experience. The ArGo portable vaporizer features a replaceable battery, an adjustable temperature, and a mouthpiece that can be hidden for use on the go.

    Arizer Air II

    The Arizer Air II is a hybrid conduction/convection vaporizer. Enhancements include an even more portable size, 50% longer battery life, and an overall performance boost including allowing you to lock in your favorite settings for regular use.

    Arizer Solo II

    The Arizer Solo II offers outstanding quality vapor for an affordable portable device. Enhanced features include a more powerful heating system for great tasting and super clean hits. The battery life has also been improved and can run for over 3 hours. 

    Arizer Extreme-Q

    The Arizer Extreme-Q vaporizer is a multi-purpose vaporizer, it can fill bags through a forced air system, or you can use a whip to draw vapor from the device. The temperature can be adjusted down to a single degree! For the best hits, set the temperature around 372 degrees.

    Arizer V Tower

    The Arizer V Tower is an updated version of the Arizer Extreme-Q desktop vaporizer. A whip style vaporizer that uses convection heating, the V Tower allows for precision temperature control. The Arizer V Tower provides super clean hits with amazing vapor quality and is easy to maintain.

    Which Arizer vaporizer you choose will ultimately come down to your personal preference.