Flux offers an extensive collection of high-quality smoking products including water pipes, dab rigs, hookahs, and filters. Their product line includes popular models such as the Flux Plasma, Tedion, Eon, and Travelmaster 2.0 Water Pipes. They also offer the Ion Dab Rig, Flux 2-in-1 Hookah, Flux Hookah XL, and various Pike and Fusion filters.

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    Additionally, their latest arrivals feature the Stash Bear and a cellphone lighter that you'll want to get your hands on ASAP!

    Fluxsmoke prides itself on using the finest materials to ensure that its smoking products deliver a premium smoking experience. The water pipes collection is a testament to their commitment to craftsmanship, as each model is expertly crafted to offer a smooth, enjoyable smoking experience. Whether you prefer a classic or modern design, there's something for everyone.

    For dabbing enthusiasts, the Ion dab rig is the perfect fit. This compact and stylish rig ensures maximum performance, allowing you to experience the full flavor of your concentrates. Cleaning the rig is a breeze, ensuring more time is spent enjoying your concentrates and less on cleaning.

    Hookah lovers are also catered to with the Flux 2 in 1 Hookah and Flux Hookah XL. The easy-to-use models require minimal setup and offer the same quality construction and attention to detail that Flux is known for.

    Fluxsmoke also offers a range of filters that come in various styles and sizes. The Pike and Fusion filters guarantee the smoothest smoking experience possible.

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