BEED is a cannabis tech company that has revolutionized joint rolling by developing a range of machines and pods that allow consumers to make their own perfectly rolled joints with only the touch of a button.

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    Each capsule contains 0.5g of dried flower from Glass House Farms in California. BEED protects all the full-spectrum properties in your weed, as well as the freshness (and ultimately the freshness in your perfectly rolled joint), for 1 year using nitrogen flush technology.

    Like a Nespresso machine coffee maker that uses its own prepackaged pods, the Beed Machine works the same way. Just load one of BEED’s own proprietary, prepackaged pods (plus your rolling papers), press the button, and voila! You get a perfectly rolled joint!

    Why BEED Uses Aluminum Capsules

    BEED uses aluminum capsules for a reason. When used with the BEED Machine, aluminum is the only material that effectively preserves the freshness of the cultivars and cannabinoids to deliver premium-quality joints. Another advantage of aluminum is that it is easily recycled. Aluminum also eliminates the need for extra packaging to preserve freshness. In addition, the fact it is lightweight offers environmental and transportation savings in comparison to other materials.

    A BEED capsule must be used with the BEED Machine. However, you can fill BEED DIY Capsules with 0.5g of your own material to enhance your rolling sessions.

    How To Use the BEED Machine

    The BEED Machine essentially eliminates any measuring, weighing, trimming, messing with the rolling papers, and tedious things of that sort. This device is very user-friendly. Press the button on top of the BEED, open the slot, and insert your rolling papers and your pod. Press the button again to close the slot, and you’ll be ready to roll!

    The BEED Machine includes 8 BEED x RAW paper cones in the standard 1-¼ size. The BEED Machine operates via an A/C outlet at 100-240V. Dimensions: 280mm H x 180mm W x 250 D. 326

    BEED Joint Rolling Machine