With Revelry’s water-resistant and odor-proof luggage, bags, and travel accessories, you can eliminate the smell of weed once and for all. As the first odor-absorbing bag company to release a wider range of colors,
    Revelry provides a high degree of sophistication and attention to detail throughout its product line.

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    Using premium quality materials and hybrid technology, Revelry has now become one of the most well-known and reputable luggage and accessory brands in the industry. In addition to protection from water damage and odor absorption, Revelry also offers safety with lockable luggage.

    There is a style for everyone in Revelry’s large selection with a variety of earthy and neutral colors, designs, and sizes. Ultimately, Revelry products offer a high-end look for active busy lifestyles. The company’s designs are multi-functional, suitable for both relaxation and adventure.

    About Revelry

    Revelry was established in 2015 by a team of surfers, skaters, and artists who represent the vibrant community of Santa Cruz, California. Because the odor-absorbing luggage available on the market then were limited in colors and style, the team was able to fill a gap in that niche. They developed beautiful bags with innovative use of carbon and rubber to aid in water resistance and odor absorption, which was perfect for eliminating weed odors. 

    Every bag consists of three layers to ensure water-resistance and odor-absorbency. The outer shell is made of nylon backed with either woven canvas or rubber. This layer is then backed with silicone for further water resistance and odor absorbency. Between the outer shell and inner lining lies a carbon filter system designed to absorb odors. This layer has four layers of activated charcoal and synthetic filters. It is porous to allow for maximum absorption to contain odors, especially the smell of weed, which is the key function of Revelry bags and accessories. Lastly, the inner lining is made of twill to protect the carbon filter and improve the longevity of the bag, while giving the bag a refined finish.