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    Krave is continuously designing new pieces to add to its branded product line. The company offers a large range of its most popular collection to date of freezable hand pipes, water pipes, and recyclers. Other products include steamrollers, e-rigs and accessories, banger hangers, ash catchers, nectar collectors, grinders, bowls, and more.

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    About Krave

    Krave Glass continues to gain popularity in the smoking industry since it was established in 2010. Known for its high-end product line of functional borosilicate glass pieces designed with a mix of functional glass art and scientific glass blowing techniques, Krave believes in developing the coolest, highest quality pieces worthy of adding to user’s smoking collection.

    Not only are Krave’s pieces durable, but they are also gorgeous in bright colors of UV slime, UV orange, shiny purple, shiny teal, red, green, and fuscia. These glass pieces are available in square, round, and beaker shapes, and many more designs.

    Krave has truly made a name for itself manufacturing freezable glycerin pipes that create ice cold smoke to enhance the user’s smoking experience. The entire piece does not have to be frozen, the company also makes freezable bowls and downstems that freeze faster and still create cold smoke.

    Krave Nebula Freezable E-rig

    The first of its kind, the Krave Nebula Freezable E-rig has a removable glass attachment that can be frozen before hitting electronic dabs. This handheld vaporizer is easily portable for dabs on-the-go. 

    Krave Glass Traveler 2 in 1 Nectar Collector

    Another customer favorite is the Krave Glass Traveler 2 in 1 which is a nectar collector with a freezable coil body. It comes with wax quartz nail and dry bowl attachments, all inside a convenient carrying case.

    Krave 4-Piece Grinders

    Other than the glass, Krave is also well known for its heavy-duty 4-piece grinders which have strong sharp teeth and a pollen collector.

    Keep an eye on Krave as they continue to shake up the smoking industry developing incredible hand pipes, water pipes, oil rigs, bubblers, and more at affordable prices.