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    What is a Terp Screw?

    A terp screw is a screw-shaped accessory that is inserted into a terp slurper or quartz banger. The terp screw spins around inside the terp slurper as the air flows through it. The terp screw enhances your terp slurping experience by ensuring that all your concentrates get fully vaporized. Essentially, the terp screw keeps your dabs from going down the neck of the banger, so no concentrates are wasted.

    What is a terp slurper set?

    A very cool idea and innovative accessory to help you enjoy low-temperature dabs, terp slurper sets are designed specifically for terp slurpers. A terp slurper set typically includes an assortment of glass marbles, screws, and pearls that enhance the experience of various bangers.

    Terp pearls are ideal for a traditional banger, whereas terp slurper sets are designed for the terp slurper but can also be used with other types of bangers. The terp screw and pearls assist your dab rig as they work together to help retain heat while continuously and evenly distributing your concentrate via vortex airflow, helping you achieve the perfect temperature.

    You and your friends will enjoy watching the terp screw and pearls spin the concentrate around inside the device. And, because they regulate the heat and airflow, they allow for the most amazing dab hits!

    Do's and Don’ts

    1. Don’t apply a direct flame to the glass terp screw which might cause thermal shock and crack the glass. Slowly heat and cool the screw inside your banger.
    2. Do use a dry Q-Tip and heat to clean.
    3. Don’t use any cleaning solution or rubbing alcohol while the glass terp screw is hot which might crack the glass.