Cannabis Glassware 101: Bangers, Bongs, Bubblers and More

One thing we love about cannabis is the multitude of ways you can consume it. And while there’s a lot to be said for knowing how to roll the perfect joint, you know what else is kind of miraculous when it comes to cannabis consumption? Glass.

That’s right, let’s hear it for the see-through solid that withstands fiery hot temperatures and can be bent any which way — yay glass! From simple to amazingly high-tech, glass takes on perfect form factors for heating your herb to combustion — then allowing you to inhale that sweet smoke and get on with your day. 

As a thermal medium, glass is also super-clean. It doesn’t burn like wood does, or leach chemicals like plastics do, so you aren’t risking contamination when you smoke from a glass bowl. Glass is not only functional, it’s also tremendously versatile, which means you have many choices — thousands, actually — when it comes to glassware for smoking or vaping cannabis. Portable or stationary, fancy or plain, there’s cannabis glassware to meet your needs.

And there’s no reason to settle for cheap, sub-par cannabis glassware. Because living well is an art in itself, at Headshop you can find glassware that’s not only functional, but that also captures your unique style. So let’s examine some of those choices.


When you’re a dedicated cannabis consumer, you’ll eventually require a banger, an attachment for a bong or dab rig that enables you to vaporize cannabis concentrate. A quartz banger makes it easy to get a solid hit from your concentrate, no matter what kind of bong you have.


For many long-time smokers, the bong is a tried-and-true standby. It allows you to pull your smoke through a water-filled chamber that cools it down, filters out particulates and delivers big tasty hits. Bongs come in a vast array of forms, large and small, from artisanal to industrial. This bong is a straight-forward beaker-style vessel, ideal for table-top home use, inspired by the same glassware you used in high school chemistry. 


A bubbler is basically a portable bong you can carry in your backpack or pocket. It allows you to pull water-cooled, filtered smoke, even when you’re out and about. This bubbler from Snoop Dogg Pounds is functional and stylish — as you’d expect from Snoop!


The chillum is a straight conical smoking pipe that has ancient roots in Pre-Columbian America. Chillums are simple and elegant, ready to produce from your pocket when you need a discreet and super-smooth hit on the run.  


A hookah is a type of water pipe that people have used for centuries in Persia and India. It allows for the smoking of your favorite herb, as well as tobacco, which is often combined with sweet flavors, including chocolate, coconut or apple and other fruits. Hookahs have come along way, check out the technology and engineering in the Stundenglass Gravity Hookah — it’s truly amazing!


A spoon pipe has a simple design: the spoon-shaped end where you place your herb, a carburetor that allows you to generate a healthy draw, and a third opening where you place your lips and inhale. While they can be quite simple, this spoon from Grav has some sophistication — and it just might be your style. 

Don’t worry if none of the above suits your fancy — Headshop has literally hundreds more pieces of high-quality, unique glassware to choose from. Whether for yourself or as a gift, you’re sure to find something that will bring smoking pleasure for years to come. Come and find yours now!

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