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Best box ever!

Keeps everything I need with more to spare underneath! Best thoughtful gift!

Great vape pen

Pulsar made quite a pen. Works great. 3 temp settings. Greatjob. Highly recommend.

elephant novelty pipe - red color
Archie is the Dude! Schultz
My Second Pachyderm

This guy was so wonderful I ordered one in red for my sister! Smooth hits and the typical feel of a ceramic bubble chamber piece make this a easy go to that can sit on a shelf and not make the neighbors (or mom) raise eyebrows or mug you for hits. Talk about hiding an elephant in the room!

Arizer ArGo
Roy Pike

Best price!, supper fast delivery, and service!. I'll be back.

This container is 100% air tight and keeps ur herbs fresh!!!

I was alway looking around for something to keep my herbs fresh and this container does the job well done… It’s also water and smell proof, which u can take with you anywhere you go… this container holds a lot of material in it and the size is perfect!!!!


My favorite


So smooth. Enables long deap hits without the choke (with small 1-hit loads). Takes the burn right out of kief. Great product, quality built.

Holy Cow this is a great one!

In my 40 years smoking there have been only a few memorable pieces that are a heart breaker when they pass their useful stages. This pipe is a list topper! Smooth hits. Deep well channeled bowl. Heavy thick glass with a proper foot to keep it upright. And the colors are mesmerizing! This is my new baby for sure.

Arizer Argo

Very nice vaporizer and good transaction with the Headshot! Thx

Perfect Fit

Perfect fit my my cheap ass glass bong slide that broke.

Puffco Hot Knife Loading Tool
William Vangerpen
Icing on the cake

Puffco Hot Knife.
This little tool just took care of the most frustrating part of handling dab from storage to peak, & made it easy and fun.

Arizer Argo

Product arrived very fast and well packaged. Seller communication was excellent. Great product makes it very easy to take on the go.

Dab Rite Pro from the

Package arrived in perfect shape, on time and shipped quickly at a lower price than other resellers. That being said, it’s not inexpensive but really does a great job, just got back from our Lost Weekend Trip, cleaning is so much easier when your banger is used at the lower temps, also the flavor is awesome.

Elephant Novelty Pipe - Black Color
Archie is the Dude! Schultz
Buy it, it's worth it!

I was expecting a little pocket pipe. This stout fellows body fits the grip of my hand with the head and bowl untouched. Nice thick ceramic with a good sized chamber inside. The bowl is a decent personal size but the bowl hole is a bit large and will need a screen. Best of all, it's attractive as a decoration and can sit on a shelf without screaming STONER! I bought a second one as soon as I received the first. Somebody I know is about to join my secret club.

GRAV® Sandblasted Spoon
Trudonna Husong

GRAV® Sandblasted Spoon

Use your proxy on the your glass collection.

It works… easy to clean.

Wrong kit

It is not the right kit for my pipe

Love them

They are amazing

GRAV / Great 1 hitter

Works great, just don’t inhale too hard or you’ll loose some precious flower. Awesome one hitter

Dip devices dab kit

This site always delivers and does a great job

12" - 9mm Thick Glass OG Beaker Base Water Pipe
L Dunn
Heavy duty.

Paid half this for a US water pipe. It literally spiderwebbed and fell apart the first cleaning. The Maryland exotic adult shop said sometimes they do that and basically said too bad you're out $40. I found this to replace it. Headshop sold me a quality product at a fair price.

Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Infuser

It’s all u said it was

Tyson 2.0 x Stündenglass Gravity Infuser

Mushroom dab rig

My rig came and the bowl had a chip in it. After letting the company know,they took care of it. I received 2 new bowls an a wax collector, thankyou! As a newbie to dab rigs I wish I would have known all the equipment needed to use this product. The rig did not come with a carb cap,which I still don't have, so I still have not yet been able to use my product. I am going to try and find a carb cap locally so I can use this rig!