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How to make DIY cannabis-infused edibles

DIY cannabis-infused edibles

Are you a fan of edibles? What’s not to like, right? Among the many benefits to ingesting your cannabis:

  • Discreet, no-odor consumption  
  • Sustained, long-lasting effects
  • No smoke or vapor in your lungs
  • Everyone loves tasty treats!

Then again, artisanal chocolates and other processed edibles can get pricey, and you don’t always know exactly what’s in the thing you’re eating. Who needs more emulsifiers, dyes or other chemical additives in their diet?

But what if you could make your own cannabis-infused edibles? In fresh, small batches…

  1. A) You would save a lot of money. 
  2. B) You would know exactly what’s in your cannabis edibles. 
  3. C) It’s actually fun to make your own gummies, brownies, cookies, candies and even topicals. 

With complete control over the production process, you gain the flexibility to create exactly the edible you want. Dreaming of an indica-heavy gummy that will help you sleep? Incorporate your favorite strain into the recipe. Or if you prefer a CBD-heavy breakfast bagel, you can do that too. Or make sativa-based typical to rub into your muscles and joints — it’s up to you! 

To make your own edibles, you need the right tools

So let’s take a look. First things first: Before it can release its psychoactive power, your favorite flower must be heated. This process is called decarboxylation. When you’re decarbing cannabis flower for edibles, you want to do it slowly, at a low temperature — rather than torching the bud as you do when smoking. This used to mean spreading your weed out on a cookie sheet and carefully baking it at about 240 degrees for a half hour or so, and hoping the neighbors don’t notice the smell wafting out of your kitchen. 

Fortunately there are now easier, better ways to decarb —  in fact, to conduct the whole process of making your own delicious, medicated edibles. With a small investment in the right tools, you’ll soon master the art of making your own delicious edibles for yourself, your family and friends.    

Tb500 Digital Scale from Jennings

Let’s start with the need for precision: To get your dosing right, you need to know exactly what your measurements are, and this scale from Jennings does just that. Take the guesswork out of your recipes, and you’ll soon be cranking out consistently perfect candies, baked goods and more.

Glass beakers from Pyur

Every well-stocked kitchen also includes function-specific glassware. For this we like Pyur. They make high-quality glass beakers like this one so you can precisely measure and pour your ingredients. 

Spatulas from MagicalButter

Other baking essentials include these ergonomically designed spatulas from Magical Butter to make sure you get every last drop of goodness from the bowl to the pan.  

The Magical Butter Decarbox

Once you have the proper accessories, you're ready for step one: Decarbing your cannabis.

A device like the Magical Butter Decarbox makes it slam-dunk simple to decarb your own cannabis, which you can then add to your favorite recipes for baked goods, candies and your other favorite foods.

The Magical Butter Decarbox eliminates the mess that used to be a part of the process, and frees you to unleash your creativity as your own edibles chef.

​​As is the case with all edibles, remember to go low and slow as you discover the right dosage for you. Enjoy! 


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