PAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit

PAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit -
PAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit -
PAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit -
PAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit -
PAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit -
PAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit -

PAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit

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PAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit


  • Haptic Feedback
  • Heats Up in 15 Seconds
  • Charges in 1 Hour
  • Bluetooth Smartphone App
  • 10-Year Warranty

Who’s the PAX 3 for?

If you want an ultra-portable, smart, and stylish conduction vaporizer for everyday use that produces high-quality dense vapor with both dry herb and dry concentrate, then the PAX 3 is the perfect vape pen for you. With faster heating and more features compared to the PAX 2, the PAX 3 is the perfect choice.

New 2021 PAX 3 Colorways

PAX released two colorways for their new PAX 3 Complete Kits. Ocean Blue is a deep blue finish that’s very popular. Midnight Rain is a bit edgier with a somewhat chaotic, polka dot design. For a truly one-of-a-kind vaporizer, each device is hand dipped and numbered for authenticity.  Get yours now while supplies last!

PAX 3 Basic Kit vs Complete Kit

PAX offers the same PAX 3 vaporizer in two different kits based on your budget and your vaping style and preferences. 

The PAX 3 Basic Kit includes everything you need to start vaping a full oven of dry herb.

The PAX 3 Complete Kit is the same as the Basic Kit but also comes with a half-pack oven lid, an insert for dry concentrate, a multi-tool, extra screens, and a protective pouch. The extra accessories in the PAX 3 Complete Kit are a $100 value (only $50 more than the PAX 3 Basic Kit price)!

PAX 3 Basic Kit vs Complete Kit - In-Depth Comparison

The compact size of the PAX 3 makes it perfectly portable. It conveniently fits in your pocket or purse. It’s small enough to be hidden in most people’s hand while vaporizing.

The PAX 3 technology uses lip and motion sensors to maintain temperatures while you're vaping and automatically turns off the oven when you're done. On the face, the LED light pedals show the temperature settings, battery life, and whether the device is heating up or ready to vape.

PAX changed the original glossy finish on the PAX 3 to a new matte version in all the colors.

Bluetooth Smartphone App
PAX released its own customizable Bluetooth smartphone app (currently available for Android devices only). The app allows you to customize temperature controls and heat settings including boost mode, efficiency mode, and stealth mode. The app also updates firmware and implements security on your PAX 3. Since the release of the original PAX, vaping has come a long way, so this level of customization is a real game-changer.

Half-Pack Lid for Shorter Sessions
To get the dense vapor production you expect from the PAX 3 vaporizer, a tightly packed oven is preferred, just like the PAX 2. Because a Half-Pack Lid comes with the Complete Kit, you can pack half the dry herb yet still get the same high-quality experience as a tightly packed full oven.

Dry Herb & Dry Concentrate
The PAX 3 Complete Kit comes with a Dry Concentrate Insert (unlike the PAX 2). This means you can switch from dry herb to dry concentrate whenever you want. Typically, hybrid vaporizers only perform well with either loose leaf or dry extracts; however, the PAX 3 vaporizer does a great job with both.

10-Year Warranty
Because Headshop is an authorized retailer of products from PAX Labs, your PAX 3 is covered by a full 10-year warranty. 

In Summary

The PAX 3 is a great all-around portable vaporizer for daily use. It travels well, is durable and discreet with a long battery life. Constructed of the finest materials including an isolated vapor path, the PAX 3 maintains quality and purity without sacrificing durability.

PAX 3 Maintenance Kit

The PAX Maintenance Kit includes replacement stainless steel screens and pipe cleaners to maintain your vaporizer in pristine condition.

What’s in the Box

Complete Kit

Basic Kit

PAX 3 Vaporizer

Flat Mouthpiece (silicone)

Raised Mouthpiece

Standard Oven Lid

Maintenance Kit

Charging Dock

10-Year Warranty

Half-Pack Oven Lid

Dry Concentrate Insert


Extra Screens

Protective Pouch

Technical Specifications

  • Height 10.48 cm / 4-1/8 in
  • Width 3.56 cm / 1-2/5 in
  • Depth 2.22 cm / 7/8 in
  • Weight 96 g / 3.35 oz
  • 18650 / 3500mAh Battery
  • 182 - 215° C / 360 - 420° F
  • 4 Preset Temperature Settings
  • Charging Dock
  • 10-Year Warranty

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