Holy Leaf CBD

    Holy Leaf produces some of the highest quality organic CBD products and makes them available around the world. The company's vision is to develop a wide selection of CBD products that positively impact its customer’s lives. Products generously infused with CBD include CBD-infused pain relief salve, CBD-infused soaps, and CBD-infused bath bombs. Keep reading to learn more about some of the popular products by Holy Leaf.

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    Holy Leaf CBD Infused Pain Relief Salve - Headshop.com
    Holy Leaf CBD Infused Pain Relief Salve - Headshop.com
    Holy Leaf CBD Infused Pain Relief Salve
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    Holy Leaf CBD Infused Pain Relief Salve

    Choose between 250mg and 500mg with Holy Leaf CBD Infused Pain Relief Salve (No-THC). This cold pressed topical CBD sport cream contains generous amounts of CBD hemp oil and helps ease tension in sore muscles and joints. Treat yourself with this powerful pain-relieving sport cream. This pain relief salve uses 100% ingredients including coconut, emu, and tea tree oils, as  well as wintergreen and pine needle essential oils.

    Holy Leaf CBD Infused Soaps 

    Containing 350mg of cold-pressed CBD hemp oil, Holy Leaf CBD Infused Soaps are gentle cleansing bars that foam as they effectively balance all the different skin types. The soaps hydrate without leaving a residue or drying, stripping, or irritating the skin. Keep your skin looking and feeling balanced with a daily skincare regimen using Holy Leaf CBD Infused Soaps. The soaps are cold-processed by hand and infused with a generous amount of CBD oil and other 100% natural skin-loving botanical ingredients including shea butter and tea tree oil.

    About Holy Leaf CBD

    Holy Leaf CBD was founded with a vision to move the CBD industry forward more than ever before and the belief that CBD companies must operate using a higher standard. The company is in a constant state of innovation to meet that standard, with cold-press extraction as an example. 

    All Holy Leaf products undergo quality control after harvest to extraction and processing to final distribution.  All products are tested using independent third-party labs to ensure safety, potency, and purity.