Genius Pipe

    The Genius Pipe is a deceptively simple smoking device that utilizes a rather complex form of fluid dynamics to give the user the coolest, cleanest hits. Like all great inventions, the Genius Pipe was developed to solve a problem: How to cool smoke without losing flavor.

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    Dyan Ferman, inventor/founder, wanted to create a simple way to cool smoke without losing flavor. Ferman’s original invention was a cooling system to prevent gaming computer super processors from overheating. This is commonly done by circulating water in a loop between the heat sources and a cooling radiator. This process is called “fluid dynamics”, when the air moves over and around these tiny dimples which help dissipate the heat from the source. Ferman applied this concept to an “air-cooled” pipe, truly pocket sized and portable.

    Genius Pipe Construction

    The Genius Pipe is constructed from three rectangular pieces of anodized aluminum attached by strong magnets. The two main sections of the device contain 2000 dimples. The dimples catch tar, oil, and sap as they cool the smoke. The pipe features a sliding cover with a round hole that can be slid forward to open the bowl for use, or back to close off the bowl. An air-flow route is created between the mouthpiece and the bowl when the pieces are snapped together. When the smoke reaches your lips, throat, and lungs, it’s remarkably cool and smooth.

    The Genius OG

    The product line has significantly grown since its launch in 2015. However, the Genius Pipe performs so well that the flagship model, now called the Genius OG (Original Genius), still remains one of the most popular models today. There’s even a fan base around this innovative little smoking device.

    Considered a premium product due to precision engineering from high-quality aluminum, and the fact that it contains minimal parts, the Genius Pipe is practically indestructible. Because of this, it comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship.